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Creative handicraft tutorial for kids - starfish

Creative handicraft tutorial for kids - starfish
30 min Easy

Nature always captivates us. The underwater world in particular offers so many incredible colours and exceptionally beautiful animals. Children love colours, the brighter the better. The whole family can colour in this number game together and play it together later, thus playfully practising the correct holding technique and hand-eye coordination. This little starfish is perfectly suited to beginners' dabbling in maths. The template can be customised depending on which numbers are in focus. The template can also be easily converted into a colourful game.


An article by Maiken

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Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Noris® colour jumbo 188 Coloured pencil - Cardboard box containing 12 coloured pencils in assorted colours 188 C12 1
Noris® junior 965 40 Safety scissors for toddlers - Cardboard card containing 1 safety scissors for toddlers 965 40 BK 1

Additionally required:

Craft glue, Cardboard, Starfish template

Starfish template

Template for number circles

Step-by-step tutorial

Grab the Noris colour jumbo crayons and print out the starfish template. Draw a different number of points in the circles. These can be numbers 1 to 10 or numbers individually adapted to the child’s developmental status.

Starfish template

Template for number circles

Now comes the colourful part. Colour in the starfish with the Noris colour jumbo pencils in different shades. The brighter, the better.

Grab the scissors and carefully cut out the starfish and glue it onto a piece of cardboard so that it is stabilised a little.

Now it’s time to make the numbers 'hats' for the game. Also print out the template here and colour it in. The numbers are then written into the circles according to the number of points (here 1 to 10).

Now cut out the circles.

A small tip: To make it possible to shape beautiful cone shapes, always snip into the circle and remove a triangular section, approximately to about a quarter.

Then shape the circles into small cones and glue them in this shape with craft glue. And then the game can begin. Which number 'hat' matches the number of points in the starfish?

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