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Products for coloring

Products for coloring

With the right coloring and drawing supplies, even beginners can produce fantastic results on paper or canvas. The equipment every artist uses, regardless of their age, needs to support their creativity and allow them to try out various coloring techniques. At STAEDTLER, we offer a wide choice of art supplies that optimally meet the needs of beginners, amateur artists and true professionals of all ages. Discover our high-quality pens, versatile paints, practical sets and lots more available at very reasonable prices!

Why drawing and coloring has a positive effect on people of all ages

Drawing and coloring are generally the first creative activities we encounter in our lives. Even small children just need a sheet of paper and a few crayons to let their creative imagination run wild. This has many positive effects on their development:

  • It encourages creativity.
  • It increases concentration.
  • It trains their fine motor skills.

Coloring and drawing can have a positive effect on personal well-being, not only for children but also for adults: drawing pictures is a perfect way to find balance, switch off from day-to-day stress and relax. Every time you pick up a pencil or brush, you are also facing new artistic challenges that help you continually develop your own abilities. This is why many adults rediscover just how much joy and relaxation can come from creative activities.

Versatile art supplies for all needs and applications

You can develop your own coloring skills – you just need:

  1. The right materials to help you achieve fantastic results.
  2. A bit of inspiration.

At STAEDTLER, beginners and amateur artists will find the supplies they need to pursue their passion for art to their heart’s content. In our wide range of products, we also offer selected items for professional artists who can achieve some truly unique results.

Our range includes:

  • Versatile paints, chalk pastels, watercolor pencils and much more for beginners and professionals
  • Individual products and inexpensive sets
  • High-quality artists pencils supplied in a metal case for ambitious amateur artists as well as professionals

Tip: Thanks to their elegant design, our metal cases are an eye-catching addition to your desk at home or in your design studio.

Ergonomic and robust pencil crayons for children

Children love creating pictures. That’s why we offer child-friendly colored pencils, watercolor paints and fibre-tip pens to make sure that even the smallest among us have lots of fun. Many of our pencils have an ergonomic shape. Their pleasant feel makes this coloring equipment easy to hold, especially during long periods of use. Furthermore, STAEDTLER coloring accessories are only manufactured using high-quality processed materials.

We specifically recommend our triangular products for children. This shape provides optimal support when learning to adopt a relaxed hold.

High-quality colors for excellent drawing and coloring results

You can only truly enjoy coloring if the art supplies you purchase deliver high-quality colors. This is key to achieving optimal results. With our products, everyone can enjoy working with top-quality colors – from creative beginners and amateur artists to true professionals. When it comes to our coloring supplies, our focus is on:

  • High color intensity
  • Good pigmentation
  • High lightfastness
  • Even application of color

This ensures that nothing will stand in the way of you achieving fantastic results when creating art!