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FIMO professional

FIMO professional

Compared to other types of FIMO, FIMO professional oven-hardening modeling clay has a much firmer consistency, making it even easier for you to create intricate items by hand. The oven-hardening modeling clay from STAEDTLER therefore also meets the highest requirements of professional FIMO users. It enables you to create highly detailed results and is therefore the ideal material for making jewelry, dolls and much more. Our high-quality modeling tools also help you bring your creative FIMO projects to life.

Modeling clay with excellent dimensional stability for professional users and true FIMO artists

FIMO professional is an oven-hardening modeling clay. As the product has a much firmer consistency compared to FIMO soft or FIMO kids, skilled FIMO designers will also benefit from the advantage of being able to create intricate items and sculptures that are dimensionally stable. FIMO professional is therefore particularly suitable for:

  • Adults
  • Advanced users
  • Amateur artists
  • Professionals

However, in addition to its excellent dimensional stability, the product is also extremely pliable. It is therefore a lot easier to work with the modeling clay to achieve the desired result.

High-quality products in vibrant colors for your creative projects

FIMO professional is ideally suited to jewelry making, for example. Ready for use in your creative projects, our products are available in many different colors and the following block sizes:

  1. Standard 3 oz blocks
  2. Large 1 lb blocks

FIMO blocks are divided into practical portions on the back. This makes it easier for you to blend colors to get the desired result. The FIMO block comes in resealable packaging for optimum storage.

In the FIMO professional doll art series, we also offer modeling clay that has been specifically designed for professional doll-making applications. The products are, of course, available in natural skin tones that have a semi-matt porcelain finish. You therefore have the perfect foundation for creating detailed doll faces and sculptures.

The FIMO range from STAEDTLER also includes mixed color packs for blending. These sets contain several 3 oz FIMO blocks in assorted colors.

Thanks to the pure pigments of our True Colors, you can use the FIMO colour mixing system to blend a variety of new shades. Since we use pure color pigment to produce each of the colors in our FIMO professional True Colors series, you can enjoy brilliant blending results that you can recreate time and time again.

Purchase practical accessories for use with FIMO professional

We also offer the relevant equipment you will need to work with FIMO professional, including high-quality FIMO modelling tools. These tools are specifically tailored to the needs of FIMO artists and advanced crafters. The following items are particularly suitable for use with FIMO professional:

  • Modeling tools with various tips for precise shaping and forming
  • Blades for effortless cutting without squashing the clay
  • Acrylic roller for rolling out modeling clay 
  • Sanding sponges for sanding hardened FIMO surfaces
  • Clay extruder for producing clay strings in various shapes
  • Shaped cutters in different sizes for designing jewelry
  • Clay machine for rolling out oven-hardening modeling clays
  • Clay scrapers for impressing and scoring patterns

With our modeling clays and tools, you will be optimally equipped to tackle FIMO projects of any size.

Tip: For easier kneading when working with firmer types of FIMO, you can use our FIMO mix quick clay softener. Simply knead it into the firm FIMO clay. This will then help soften the clay as you knead it.