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Design Journey Trend Set #4

Boho Style DIY Set

Mixed Drawing and Modelling Set Boho

Product information
  • Complete Set for beautifying the included Kraft paper pouch with letters and a tag made from oven bake modelling clay in trendy boho style
  • Including a variety of high-quality STAEDTLER products:
  • Permanent coloured pencils 108 20 can be combined to achieve different colour shades, for drawing and hand lettering on the Kraft Paper pouch
  • Oven bake modelling clay FIMO leather-effect for creating feather-tags and beads, these can be attached to the pouch with the included rubber band
  • Kraft paper pouch with zipper included in the set
  • Step-by-step-instructions included in the set, detailed description and video tutorial available online
  • Permanent coloured pencils made of PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests
Article number

61 DJT4


Made in Germany
Made in Germany

130°C, 30 minutes


Wood and wood products with the PEFC label are certified as originating from forests managed in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner.

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