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Design Journey Trend Set #2

Zodiac Sign Keychain Set

Mixed Keychain Set

Product information
  • Complete set for creating keychains out of oven bake modelling clay which can be decorated with stars and personalized zodiac signs
  • Including high-quality STAEDTLER products:
  • Oven bake modelling clay FIMO 8020 for creating keychains with a beautiful galaxy effect
  • Metallic marker 8323 for setting extra highlights with metallic accents, perfect for decorating the keychains with stars and zodiac signs
  • The needed accessories keychains and split rings are included in the set
  • Template for all 12 zodiac signs included, so ideal to create personalized artworks
  • Step-by-step-instructions included in the set, detailed description and video tutorial available online
Article number

61 DJT2


Made in Germany
Made in Germany

110°C, 30 minutes

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