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STAEDTLER: Brief Profile

STAEDTLER: Brief Profile

The STAEDTLER company was founded in 1835 by Johann Sebastian Staedtler and today is one of Germany's oldest industrial companies.

But even long before the company's foundation his ancestor, Friedrich Staedtler (1636–1688), worked as a pencil maker. And the generations in between were also pencil makers.
The STAEDTLER Group is now headquartered in Nuremberg. The Head Office in the city and four production sites in the metropolitan region Nuremberg employ approx. 1,200 people.

The Group is located in 26 countries and also currently employs more than 2,200 staff worldwide. STAEDTLER products can be found in more than 150 countries. Exports from Germany account 75 percent of STAEDTLER's production.


Almost two-thirds of STAEDTLER products are Made in Germany. This makes STAEDTLER the largest manufacturer in Europe of wood-encased pencils, OHP pens and modelling clays. The range of this Nuremberg-based manufacturer of writing and drawing equipment includes products for end-customers (B2C) and solutions for industry (B2B). The additional value of its products demonstrates that STAEDTLER is not only following the obligations of its tradition but is also true to its responsibilities and its self-image as an innovator.

Social and ecological responsibility

By signing the STAEDTLER Social Charter, the company undertakes to protect international employment and human rights, is committed to the payment of fair wages and social responsibility everywhere in the world and declares its opposition to forced labour, child labour and discrimination. By using ecological manufacturing processes, STAEDTLER products meet criteria such as durability and sustainability.

The STAEDTLER Foundation

The STAEDTLER Foundation is a public foundation established under civil law. Since its formation in 1997 it holds all the shares in the STAEDTLER Group. The Foundation supports scientific research at German universities and cultural projects in the metropolitan region Nuremberg.


In 2022 the STAEDTLER Group recorded sales of approx. 386 million Euros.

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