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National Stationery Week 2023

STAEDTLER UK is proud to be sponsoring National Stationery Week 2023! We’ve got lots of exciting things planned where anyone and everyone can get involved, and it’s all centred around #SustainableStationery. Whether it’s using our products made from Upcycled Wood, or repurposing an old vase using our paint markers, there’s plenty of ways to get the most of your stationery and do your bit for the planet!

What is National Stationery Week?

National Stationery Week is an annual event that encourages everyone to celebrate all things stationery. The week-long event brings together big stationery brands from across the globe, with lots of exciting activities happening in the run up to and the week of the event. Scroll down to see what STAEDTLER UK has planned!

#SustainableStationery – Saturday 20th May

For this year’s National Stationery Week, we’re encouraging you to explore the countless ways stationery can be made sustainable and getting the most out of it, from the start of its life to the very end!

Buy stationery with sustainable credentials

Almost 100% of STAEDTLER’s stationery packaging is made from recycled material, and many of our products are now also made from recycled plastic and upcycled wood. This means that materials that would previously go to waste become brand new stationery products!

Refill & reuse

Don’t throw away your empty Lumocolor whiteboard marker or Textsurfer highlighter! Most of our Lumocolor and Textsurfer are refillable using our handy refill stations, so you can use them over and over again, saving the environment and your pocket!

How to use refill stations

Upcycle stationery leftovers

There are many creative ways you can upcycle stationery leftovers, so you don’t have to bin them. Even turning the ends of our Noris graphite pencils into trend earrings!

Upcycle using our stationery

Why buy new when you can give old items a beautiful upgrade using our stationery? You can upcycle everyday items and give them a new lease of life by adding a splash of colour using stationery such as our Lumocolor paint markers.


Read more about how STAEDTLER are doing their part for the planet here:

Sustainability at STAEDTLER

Keep up to date with National Stationery Week

Make sure to follow National Stationery Week on their social media accounts to keep track of all the activities taking place this year, including our competitions!





Pencils made from Upcycled Wood

Noris® 120 Noris® 120 Graphite pencil Single product 2B
Noris® colour 185 Noris® colour 185 Coloured pencil Single product red
Noris® 183 Noris® 183 Graphite pencil Single product HB
Noris® colour 187 Noris® colour 187 Coloured pencil Cardboard box containing 36 coloured pencils in assorted colours
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