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The STAEDTLER Premium brand



STAEDTLER Premium is a high-quality product line made by STAEDTLER. It emerged from the idea of honouring the pioneering spirit of Johann Sebastian Staedtler. For the origins of our company goes back to the year 1835 when Johann Sebastian Staedtler made the first writing implements by hand.


STAEDTLER Premium now brings the unique history of the STAEDTLER company to life. Each one of the writing implements of the STAEDTLER Premium Collection embodies the pioneering spirit, creativity and precisions of Johann Sebastian Staedtler.


Our products for small children, pupils, teachers, university students, artists and offices are known and recognised for their quality, reliability and innovation all over the world. This high quality standard and the edge in terms of research and development is, of course, also reflected in the world of STAEDTLER Premium.


We see ourselves and our products as the originators of ideas for people all over the world. With this highly exclusive line, we consolidate our ambition to be a brand that accompanies our customers throughout life.



Quality inspired by Mars


Genese des Marskopf


As early as the year 1900, the product name "Mars" was registered with the Imperial Patent Office an. This was followed by the Head of Mars in 1908. Over the next few years, it increasingly took shape before finally being integrated into the company logo in 1958. What was formerly a trademark for high production standards is now a strong brand which stands for the universally high quality criteria: innovative creation, unmatched precision, infallible reliability and great writing comfort. This makes STAEDTLER one of the world's leading manufacturers of writing, painting and creative products.

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