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“Question Of The Month” contest

Our favourite pencil, the Noris® pencil, celebrates its 120th birthday!

Since the registration of the “Noris” brand on 10th September, 1901, the Noris® pencil has become a well-known classic and used by many from all over the world by all ages and for various applications such as writing, drawing, sketching as well as for shading exam answers. The Noris® pencil with its iconic yellow and black stripe pattern has become one of the preferred and favourite pencil by many of all ages as it is ideal for everyone to use whether at school, at office or at home.

Get your Noris® pencils ready and answer our monthly questions.

We are excited to celebrate this anniversary together with all STAEDTLER supporters including Noris® pencil fans in Malaysia. To add some fun to this celebration, we also invite all Noris® pencil fans in the country to participate in the “Question Of The Month” contest.

Every month, from April – December 2021, we will upload one (1) question that will be viewable here and on the STAEDTLER Malaysia social media pages (Facebook & Instagram).

If you are a true Noris® pencil user and fan, you will want to participate in this contest because you will get to learn some interesting facts about the Noris® pencil while showcasing your creativity in answering these questions. We want you to sharpen your Noris® pencils and draw, sketch or doodle your answers!


Purchase a minimum of RM10 on any STAEDTLER products in a single printed tax invoice receipt from any outlets and/or online stores during the contest period.


Answer the contest question of the month that can be viewed via the STAEDTLER Malaysia website, Facebook and/or Instagram. Answers are to be handwritten using a Noris® pencil in the most creative way. Sketch, draw, doodle your answer using your Noris® pencil and snap one (1) clear photo of your answer together with your Noris® pencil.


Submit via e-mail your answer in photo form (the photo of your answer with the Noris® pencil) along with a clear proof of purchase (receipt) to and include information such as Full Name, MyKad No., and Contact Number.

Terms & Conditions (EN)

Terms & Conditions (BM)

A total of 120 winners will be randomly picked throughout this contest period. Winners will receive a Noris® Birthday Pack consisting of STAEDTLER products worth RM50 each.

Find out more about this contest by clicking on the E-posters and Terms & Conditions below:

We hope you are as excited as we are. It is going to be a great anniversary celebration. Spread the word with your friends, and family. Join us in wishing the Noris® pencil a very Happy Birthday!

Answer the “Question Of The Month” for April

You can find all the information you need to answer the question here:

Noris page