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Rollerballs have a small ball at the tip of the pen, ensuring that the ink flows steadily from pen to paper. This results in uniform text with no scratching. Find out more about the advantages of rollerballs and purchase one for your or your children’s everyday writing tasks.

Rollerballs, a different kind of writing pen

Like ballpoint pens, rollerballs have a small ball at their tip. This glides smoothly over the paper when writing, applying ink in the process.

  • Rollerballs use water-based ink. This means that it is thinner than the ink used in a ballpoint pen, so it produces particularly uniform text.
  • The result on paper is similar to a fountain pen. However, the rollerball does not scratch the paper as much. This makes these writing pens an excellent alternative to fountain pens.

What do you need to know about rollerballs?

The STAEDTLER triplus roller is a rollerball pen that offers numerous advantages:

  • An ergonomic triangular barrel allows the pen to be optimally held between your thumb and index finger. This guarantees maximum writing comfort for those who spend a lot of time writing. 
  • Rollerballs have a pressure-stable tip. This means that even if you press down more firmly when writing, the tip will withstand the pressure. Thanks to the Dry Safe system, the pen can be left uncapped for days without drying up. 
  • You can also use rollerballs to make carbon copies in case you need a copy of a document, for example when producing a receipt.
  • The pen comes in 10 assorted colours, available individually or in the practical stand-up STAEDTLER box. 
  • It has a line width of approximately 0.4 mm. It is therefore similar to the line width of a classic fineliner (0.3 mm), but with the added advantage that the tip cannot be pressed in and will not wear out.
  • Rollerballs are available in a box containing four assorted colours: red, blue, green and black. They are also available in a larger box containing ten brilliant colours.

Pressure equalisation for leak-proof writing

STAEDTLER rollerballs feature our airplane-safe system: automatic pressure equalisation prevents the pen from leaking on board aircraft.