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Noris® colour 187

Coloured pencil

Blistercard containing 10 coloured pencils in assorted colours, 2 graphite pencils, 4 fibre-tip pens in assorted colours, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener and 1 pair of hobby scissors.

Product information
  • Perfect coloured pencil in triangular shape - Made from Upcycled Wood
  • Production with upcycled wood chips
  • Brilliant colours and rich leads for unlimited creativity
  • Soft non-slip surface and high break-resistance for colouring fun without a care
  • Attractive Noris stripe and stars design
  • Available in 36 colours
  • Wood content from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests
  • Sharpener recommendation: Noris double hole tub sharpeners 512 002 and 512 128 for ideal sharpening results
Article number

61 SET43

Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Conforms to EN 71
Conforms to EN 71
Ergonomic triangular shape
Ergonomic triangular shape

For relaxed and easy writing and drawing

high break-resistant
high break-resistant

Through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead


Wood and wood products with the PEFC label are certified as originating from forests managed in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner.

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