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Double-hole covered sharpener

Cardboard card containing 1 double-hole covered sharpener 512 PS2

Product information
  • Double-hole covered sharpener with shavings container
  • Sharpener swings out of protective sleeve when in use
  • For standard sized graphite pencils up to 8.2mm with a sharpening angle of 23° for clean accurate lines
  • For thick graphite & coloured pencils up to 10.2mm with a sharpening angle of 30° for broad, soft lines
  • Removable sharpener for easy cleaning
Article number


Sharpening angle of 23°
Sharpening angle of 23°

For standard-sized blacklead pencils up to 8.2 mm Ø for clear and accurate lines

Sharpening angle of 30°
Sharpening angle of 30°

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