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FIMO® kids 8034

FIMO® kids 8034

Oven-hardening modelling clay

Set "Pony" containing 4 blocks à 42 g; modelling stick, step-by-step instructions, background scene. (Languages: D/ F/ I/ NL), level 2

Product information
  • form&play - combination of modelling and playing
  • Knead-harden-play
  • Especially soft modelling clay
  • Exciting projects with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Levels of difficulty (1-3) help users to find the right project according to their skills
  • Decorativ background scene printed on the inside of the box muliplies the fun of playing
  • Attractive, child-friendly instructions to keep and collect
  • Fosters: Fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and role-paying games
  • Reclosable box
  • Packaging: suitable for hanging or standing presentation
Article number

8034 08 LY




Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Conforms to EN 71
Conforms to EN 71

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