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World Kids Colouring Day

World Kids Colouring Day
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Far-off planets, their amazing inhabitants, new and above all colourful worlds: This year’s theme for World Kids Colouring Day on 6 May 2020 promises to attract lots of breathtaking and imaginative entries. The campaign, which runs from 1 April to 30 June, encourages children to bring their ideas of galaxy adventures to paper. Writing materials and creative goods manufacturer STAEDTLER will support Plan International with one Euro for every picture submitted. Last year 21,903 pictures were sent in to the company from all around the world.  

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Action and Motivation

“Galaxy Adventure” – the theme of this year’s World Kids Colouring Day – promises to attract some dazzling entries. What do children imagine other worlds are like? Do their far-off universes have inhabitants or not? Are they full of glitter or dusty deserts? From 1 April 2020, STAEDTLER is inviting children between three and twelve years old are invited to let their imagination run free and send in their colourful contributions for the 12th World Kids Colouring Day. The closing date is 30 June 2020. “We want to arouse children’s curiosity, which teaches us so much. We’re sure that we’re going to be amazed by all their inspiration and ideas,” says Britta Olsen, who’s responsible for World Kids Colouring Day at STAEDTLER. 

Supporting and inspiring others

Wherever children are, at home with their parents and grandparents, at kindergarten or in their class at school, they can all join in and support the campaign. “World Kids Colouring Day this year will give us the chance to see distant galaxies through the eyes of children. And we'll be delighted if our participants slip a personal word or two about their works of art into the envelope as well. This will allow us all to hear the stories behind the pictures,” explains Britta Olsen.  

Plan International: Better learning environments for children in Rwanda

For the third year running, STAEDTLER’s World Kids Colouring Day is supporting Plan International with one Euro for every picture submitted. The proceeds will go to help the Good Education for Children in Rwanda project, which provides a safer and more child-friendly learning environment and creates sustainable improvements in conditions at 25 nursery schools and 20 primary and secondary schools in the Bugesera and Nyaruguru districts in Rwanda. Based on previous experience, the fact that their pictures are helping to improve the learning environment for others gives children and young people extra motivation, making even the youngest participants more aware of the realities outside their own lives. In 2019, 21,903 pictures were submitted to STAEDTLER on the theme of “Follow your dream...!” 

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World Kids Colouring Day