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World Kids Colouring Day 2021: Nature through children's eyes

World Kids Colouring Day 2021: Nature through children's eyes
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On World Kids Colouring Day 2021, the littlest ones become explorers

Wild animals, colourful plants and lots of new territory: The motto "Let`s discover nature – on land“ for the World Kids Colouring Day on 6 May 2021 invites children to turn into young explorers for a day. Around the world, children between the age of three and twelve years are encouraged to explore their nearest surroundings and draw on their experiences. The stationery and creative goods manufacturer STAEDTLER supports the child rights organisation Plan International Germany with one euro for every image submitted. In 2021 the contribution will go to a project for families and children in Peru.

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All three to twelve-year-olds who submit a picture to STAEDTLER for World Kids Colouring Day 2021 support the "Allin Mikuna" project and thus to the healthy nutrition of children in Peru.

Image rights: Plan International/Anika Büssemeier

Discovering nature

Which animals live on your own doorstep? What do children see in the next park? When it comes to nature, do you think of colourful flower meadows, sandy plains or dense forests? For World Kids Colouring Day 2021, under the motto "Let`s discover nature - on land“, children all over the world give insights into how they see their nearest surroundings. All children are invited to experience the diversity of nature at their front door, in their garden or on the balcony and share their impressions in creative pictures. “The subject of biodiversity is very important to us. We are more concerned than ever with the preservation of biodiversity, natural habitats and life forms. With our new motto we want to turn children into little explorers and sharpen their awareness of the richness of nature”, explains Britta Olsen, Head of Brand and Communication at STAEDTLER. 
"We are eager to see what nature on land looks like through children's eyes and what the little ones experience on their journey of discovery." At the same time, the images from the World Kids Colouring Day 2021 will also become colourful research protocols.

Play, explore, and be amazed

Taking a look just beyond your very own doorstep is enough to discover nature: Children can experience what nature has to offer in the immediate vicinity or in their own garden. Here they meet a wide range of animal and plant species, learn about natural materials such as wood and stone and spend time in the fresh air. "We share the conviction that time outside is important for children's development. Why not pack coloured pencils and a colouring pad and draw all the impressions out in the open air? “explains Susanne Schmidt-Britting, who heads up the World Kids Colouring Day project at STAEDTLER. 

But even if you are not allowed to go outside as usual, children still have the opportunity to enjoy nature. They can also watch flowers and potted plants flower at home or watch their own pets. "The way in which children experience nature differs from one region to the next. We look forward to all the exciting pictures that show us how children all over the world experience their environment," says Susanne Schmidt-Britting. 

Susanne Schmidt-Britting heads the World Kids Colouring Day project at STAEDTLER and has seen tens of thousands of images in recent years: "With every motto, we adults have our certain expectations. And every year, the children surprise us over and over again. “

In order to improve the health and nutritional situation of children in Peru, Plan International Germany helps local families to secure their livelihoods and feed their children healthily. STAEDTLER is supporting this project with one euro for every submission for World Kids Colouring Day 2021.

Image rights: Plan International / Vania Milanovitch

Doing good with creativity 

STAEDTLER is supporting Plan International Germany, a child rights organisation, for the fourth time as part of the World Kids Colouring Day. In 2021, the "Allin Mikuna - Healthy nutrition for children" project in Peru will be supported. "Allin Mikuna“ means "good nutrition" in the local language Quechua. Under this motto, Plan International Germany helps local families to secure their livelihoods and provide their children with healthy nutrition. In training sessions, parents learn how to cultivate their own food ecologically. Women in particular are being supported in this project because they are often responsible for feeding the family in Peru. At the same time, however, they have less access to income opportunities.

“The first years of a child's life are of crucial importance for their physical and mental development. Therefore, it is essential to enable children to grow up safely and healthily. Special support of women is an investment in the future and strengthens the communities in the long term, because they pass on knowledge to their children. This gives them the chance for a self-determined and sustainable future”,says Maike Röttger, CEO of Plan International Germany.

STAEDTLER will continue to provide Plan International Germany, a child rights organisation, with one euro for every picture submitted as part of the World Kids Colouring Day in 2021. The company has already had the opportunity to support the "Good Education in Rwanda“ and “School Education for kids in Malawi” projects with a total amount of more than 60,000 euros between 2018 and 2020.

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