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Working with FIMO leather‑effect

Working with FIMO leather‑effect

FIMO leather effect modelling clay
FIMO leather-effect oven-hardening modelling clay can be shaped and worked in a similar way to FIMO soft. After hardening the clay looks and feels similar to leather, and you can feel the effect when you're kneading it. Unlike other oven-hardening types of FIMO, FIMO leather‑effect is hardened for 30 minutes at 130° C / 266° F. After hardening, thinly-rolled sheets are flexible and bendable and can be cut with scissors, punched or sewn. This clay is therefore ideal for making unique jewellery pieces such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets. FIMO leather-effect is also great for making wonderful leather effect decorations for your home.

➤ This handbook provides information on the many different ways you can work with FIMO leather-effect after hardening.
Information on how to handle unhardened FIMO leather-effect can be found in the handbook General tips for working with FIMO leather-effect.

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Sewing of FIMO leather-effect

Can I sew FIMO leather-effect?

Thinly-rolled sheets can be sewn after hardening, either by hand or with a sewing machine. You can also pre-pierce any holes required for hand sewing.

What should I be aware of when using a sewing machine?

You can use a conventional sewing machine to sew FIMO leather-effect, and you don't need a special needle, sewing foot or thread.

Sewing of FIMO leather-effect
Cutting of FIMO leather-effect

Can I cut FIMO leather-effect to shape after hardening?

Hardened FIMO leather-effect sheets can be cut to the desired shape with scissors or a cutter blade depending on their thickness. The great thing is, the edges won't fray!

Can I punch FIMO leather-effect?

If FIMO leather-effect is rolled thinly it can be punched with a design or with holes once it has hardened.

Punching of FIMO leather-effect

How flexible is FIMO leather-effect?

Thinly-rolled sheets of FIMO leather-effect remain flexible after hardening, allowing it to be bent to form a bracelet, for example. But it’s not break resistant, so you can’t crease or fold it.

How resilient is FIMO leather-effect?
It can break when folded, or white (fault) lines can arise that could break if the FIMO is subjected to prolonged strain. FIMO is a modelling clay and not material/leather/leatherette. Cold can also impact on resilience – if the hardened clay becomes too cold, it can break easily.

If FIMO leather-effect breaks, what have I done wrong?
Pieces made from FIMO leather-effect can break if they are not hardened at a consistent temperature of 130°C / 266 °F for 30 minutes. This is important to ensure that the clay bonds. The clay may also have been subject to too great a load. It does not have the same flexibility as leather or leatherette.

How do I stick FIMO leather-effect?

FIMO leather-effect can be stuck using Pattex Ultra Gel.

Can I varnish FIMO leather-effect?

If you want your FIMO leather-effect pieces to have a glossy finish, you can give them beautiful highlights by varnishing them with our water-based FIMO gloss varnish.

Can I sand and polish FIMO leather-effect?

In principle this is possible, but you will lose the leather-look effect.

Can I wash FIMO leather-effect?

In principle you can wash FIMO leather-effect after it is hardened, using a damp cloth.
We recommend you only hand-wash (don't use the washing machine!)
Brief guidelines:
Step 1: Use lukewarm water and mild detergent.
Step 2: Wash carefully.
Step 3: Pat FIMO leather-effect dry with a towel.

Is FIMO leather-effect suitable for outdoor use?

FIMO leather-effect is not suitable for outdoor use.

Can I print, stick things, etc. to FIMO leather-effect?

Unfortunately you can’t decorate FIMO leather-effect by printing it or using stickers. They won't adhere to the clay.

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