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triplus: Variety in their pencil cases

triplus: Variety in their pencil cases
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The triplus family of pens, with their ergonomic shape and variety of colours, have long been an indispensable item for school bags. STAEDTLER is adding to its varied range with the new "my colours" set with a fashionable "Hygge“ theme, bringing the Danish attitude to life into classrooms and children's rooms. The triplus fineliner will also be available in new packaging in the future.

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New packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is increasingly important for consumers when they are making a purchase. STAEDTLER is now taking an essential step in this direction with new additional cardboard solutions for its triplus fineliner. The new packaging consists of stable cardboard, made using 80% recycled materials. A plastic window was also removed in production. Instead, a generous triangular cut-out – based on the ergonomic triangular shape of the triplus range – now gives you a glimpse of the pens. The new packaging will be used for sets with 20 triplus fineliner. They can be hung up and are also available to retailers in attractive shelf-ready displays with ten packs.

Also the new triangular cardboard cases for twelve triplus fineliner are particularly eye-catching. The resealable packaging packs a surprise with a clever folding mechanism and visually reflects the distinctive triangular shape of the triplus family. There is space for nine packs on the associated shelf-ready display.

Danish cosiness at school

"Hygge" means cosiness, but also serenity and concentration on the here and now - qualities that are important for a successful school day. That is why STAEDTLER now is bringing this attitude into the pencil case: six triplus color fibre-tip pens or six triplus fineliner with their distinctive, ergonomic triangular shaft are brough together in new sets with a fashionable "hygge" theme. The two specially compiled triplus "my colours" series boxes of pens each contain six pens in selected warm colours – for "hygge" writing and painting experiences in exercise books and drawing pads. Storage in the classic STAEDTLER box ensures tidiness – at school and at their desk at home.

Colourful school days with triplus

The practical pens from STAEDTLER's triplus family are versatile companions throughout the school day thanks to their ergonomic shape, variety of colours and wide range from fineliners to markers. The triplus fineliner with its super-fine tip, which is available in 60 different brilliant colours, can be used to clearly highlight important notes in school and exercise books. Thanks to its ergonomic triangular shape, even longer notes are easy to write. The triplus color ensures extra variety in pupils' school bags. The fibre-tip pen in 48 colours features a stable tip and is therefore suitable even for the youngest school children. Both products are ideal for sketchnoting: notes and exercise books can be illustrated with small drawings with basic shapes and lines. This makes the content even more memorable and helps with learning. The triplus family of pens do not just support everyday school life, they also make it colourful.