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Trendy FIMO accessories: Jewellery designs and home decorations with the new FIMO creative kits

Trendy FIMO accessories: Jewellery designs and home decorations with the new FIMO creative kits
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Inspired by boho style and the marble look, STAEDTLER is launching four new FIMO DIY sets. With the step-by-step instructions even beginners can easily immerse themselves in a world of boho, elegance and colour. The instructions are provided for all craft enthusiasts and hobby artists with the set and online in video tutorials.

Press Release for Download

Step-by-step to individual accessories

The nature-loving bohemian style, also known as boho, has been an inspiration for the worlds of fashion and design for years. A unique feature of the style inspired by the hippie movement is the bold combination of earthy and pastel tones as well as different shapes and elements, paired with simple elegance. STAEDTLER's new FIMO DIY sets offer craft enthusiasts the opportunity to create unique jewellery or design elements for their home.

Bold-shaped leather-effect wall hanging

After hardening in the oven the innovative modelling clay FIMO leather-effect gets a leather-like look and feel and gives accessoiries a very special effect. A wall hanging, for example, can be designed in this style. In addition, the DIY set Wall hanging in “boho style”, contains four FIMO leather-effect half blocks in the colours ivory, ochre and rust, as well as one string, ten metal tubes and step-by-step modelling instructions. A unique eye-catching wall hanging not just for fans of boho.

Individual marble look with FIMO leather-effect

Even your desk at home or at the office could do with an aesthetic and functional upgrade every now and then. The FIMO leather-effect set with the theme Pen case in a trendy marble look is perfect for this. Using the step-by-step instructions and FIMO half blocks in the on-trend colours ivory, saffron yellow, olive and dove grey, hobby artists can easily transform the included ballpoint pen into a fashionable individual item. Unique colour gradients are also possible with FIMO leather-effect. A template, available via a download link, can be used to create the perfect case for the pen. This creates an elegant duo with a timeless marble look.

The DIY work hardens and gets its special surface structure in the oven at 130° Celsius. After hardening in the oven FIMO leather-effect is flexible and stable at the same time.

Boho rainbow style jewellery

The modelling clays FIMO soft and FIMO effect can be used to create jewellery pieces. In the Earring set in the pastel “Boho Rainbow Style”, hobby artists will find everything they need: Four half blocks of model-ling clay in the colours pale pink, jade, aqua and black tempt you to combine and design. With the dangle earrings and studs, the ten jump rings, the two eyepins and the set of 3 cutters, you can create unique pieces that add a distinctive touch to any outfit.

Feel-good atmosphere with earthy tones

To store the homemade FIMO jewellery in style, STAEDTLER offers the set with the trend theme Jewellery Bowl in “Boho nature Style” . DIY lovers can use the modelling clay in sahara, cognac and mother-of-pearl to create an original and decorative jewellery bowl for their make-up table or bathroom cabinet. The template can be downloaded via a link. The earthy tones of the jewellery bowl not only reflect the boho style, they also create a relaxed feel-good atmosphere.

The different sets can be put in both hanging and counter displays in an appealing way for customers. Instructions and tutorials for the different sets are available in print form and online.

Motto „MADE by YOU ♥“

STAEDTLER provides ideas and suggestions for all DIY artists and all who wants to become one, thereby encouraging modelling with FIMO. That is why there is the claim “MADE by YOU ♥”. It is to provide motivation for those whose creativity ist still undiscovered and inspiration to all who have already discovered the joy of using modelling clay. Whether beginner or advanced DIY fan - everyone is invited to be creative and to release their creativity. With FIMO, an infinite number of creations are possible - “MADE by YOU ♥“.