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tradition: the familiar red-black pencil design now also for erasers

tradition: the familiar red-black pencil design now also for erasers
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STAEDTLER's red-black striped pencil “tradition” is internationally renowned. Since July 2020, the matching eraser “tradition” has also been available in the same design. Together, pencils and erasers form a stylish duo in every pencil case or on your desk.

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Convenience and excellent erasure

The new eraser “tradition” impresses on many levels. Minimal crumbling during erasing and quality "Made in Germany" make it an ideal companion for the “tradition” pencil. The new eraser is free of phthalate and latex and ensures comfortable handling thanks to the sliding sleeve. Thanks to the protective cellophane wrapper with practical tear and open strip, the eraser remains clean until its first use and can therefore be used straight away and quickly.

Stylish and unforgettable

Thanks to its simple, red-black and internationally recognisable design, the eraser “tradition” is already now part of STAEDTLER's comprehensive product range as a classic. The eraser sits comfortably in the hand – for clean and quick work. It comes in three different sizes: B20, B30 and B40.

Product presentation at the POS

The eraser is traditionally available in various shelf-ready packs of 20, 30 or 40. The number of erasers depends on the eraser size. For size B20 (65x23x13mm), the shelf-ready contains 20 erasers; 30 erasers for size B30 (43x19x13mm), and 40 for size B40 (33x16x13mm). It can also be purchased on blister cards in a set of two or four. Another packaging variant offers the eraser on a blister card together with the matching red sharpener.

Shelf ready with 40 erasers