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The Pastel Line

The Pastel Line
10 min

A true pastel paradise on your desk: whether powdery pink, mint green or delicate blue - pastel shades are in vogue! Inspired by the continuing pastel trend, STAEDTLER is presenting the new “Pastel Line” product range. The design is to appeal to youngsters and young adults.

Press Release for Download

Range consisting of lead and coloured pencils as well as fineliners, fibre-tip pens, Textsurfer, matching accessories and compasses.

The products of the “Pastel Line” by STAEDTLER will inspire you to paint and decorate with their delicate colours. The range includes products from various product areas. Among these are coloured pencils in 12 soft powdery shades which are available in a cardboard box (146 C12 PA). The pencils of the product range (118 BK6 PA and 119 BK2 PA) are designed in the style of the yellow-black classic, the Noris pencil, and thus increase the recognition value. In addition to the wood-cased pencils in ergonomic triangular form, the product range also includes mechanical pencils in six different pastel colours. These are available on blister cards (777 05BKPA) or in a cup (777 KP36PA). Fineliners and fibre-tip pens from the triplus range are within the “Pastel Line” available in the practical STAEDTLER box with six perfectly matched colours (323 SB6 PA and 334 SB6 PA). Textsurfer are available in four or six pastel shades in hangable wallets (364 CWP4PA and 364 CWP6PA). All pens of the “Pastel Line” are made in Germany.

Erasers (525 PSBKPA), sharpeners (512PS2BKPA) and compasses (556 00-PA1 and 556 00 PA2), which also impress with their delicate pastel-coloured look, round off the range.

Further packaging solutions: Mixed sets The mixed sets offer a well-thought-out combination of individual products. The two mixed sets for marking, writing and drawing, contain a selection of triplus products and Textsurfer (61 SBK1 PA) or additional colour pencils (61 SBK2 PA) next to pastel stickers for colouring or notepads. The mixed sets (61 SBK3 PA and 61 SBK4 PA) offer a combination of pencils, erasers and sharpeners.

The pastel trend at the point of sale

The designs of the packaging and displays meet the taste of the young target group and pick up on the ongoing pastel trend. The various pencils, sharpeners and erasers of the “Pastel Line” are already available. The compasses will be available from November 2019. The products can be presented in attractive, pre-filled counter displays.