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The 2024 new trend line from STAEDTLER: Scarily beautiful design for trendsetters

The 2024 new trend line from STAEDTLER: Scarily beautiful design for trendsetters

STAEDTLER proudly unveils its latest trend line for 2024. With a bold, beautifully frightening design inspired by gloomy aesthetics and the latest popular series, STAEDTLER attracts the attention of a young, trend-conscious target group.

Every year, STAEDTLER creates a unique collection of stationery that captures current trends and popular designs while focusing on the needs of young consumers. The 2024 trend line includes a wide range of products, including coloured and regular pencils, textsurfers, felt-tip pens, ballpoint pens, sharpeners and erasers, all featuring the distinctive design of the season.

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New key visual

This year’s key visual in the 2024 STAEDTLER trend line is a tribute to characters from popular online streaming series. The deep black drawing with dense black borders creates a dark aesthetic that immediately catches the eye. But like all best-kept secrets, the beauty is in the details. When you look closely, you can see that the black butterfly has a multifaceted colour scheme. This visual concept appeals to the young target group and prompts engaging discussions.

The writing instruments in this trend line are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional. They are suitable for school as well as leisure activities and really catch the eye at the point of sale, thanks to their remarkable packaging. Select, fabulously frightening colours in the form of coloured pencils, textsurfers and felt-tip pens create contrasts in pencil cases.

Environmentally friendly and innovative: trend line products

STAEDTLER focuses not only on attractive design, but also on sustainability and innovation. The coloured and regular pencils in the trend line are made of wood from certified, sustainably managed forests. The shafts of the fibre-tip pens are environmentally friendly, made from 97% recycled plastic. In addition, both the fibre-tip pens and the textsurfers are equipped with DRY SAFE technology. This ensures that the pens can be left open for days without drying out, which means that they last longer and therefore have less impact on the environment.

The STAEDTLER trend line 2024 is the perfect choice for young people who are looking for extra-special stationery. Get these scarily beautiful writing utensils now and be part of the trend of the season!

On closer inspection, it is noticeable that all products from the trend line were used in designing the motif. The counter display has space for all seven trend line products. The header is guaranteed to attract attention at the POS.

Image rights: STAEDTLER SE
In the Study Set, all products are designed with the key visual.

Image rights: STAEDTLER SE