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Studygram: Five tips for studying at home

Studygram: Five tips for studying at home
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Poring over books, writing cue cards and using mnemonic devices – this is what everyday life is like for many school pupils and students right now. With final assessments edging ever closer or already in full swing, studying is no easy feat. Particularly when there are no teachers around to help or when younger siblings are running riot around the house! And while video calls with classmates are now a part of everyday life, they are still a big adjustment. The Nuremberg-based writing and creative goods manufacturer STAEDTLER has put together five handy tips to help you study effectively even under difficult conditions.

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1. Find the right workspace

To get away from all the hubbub of home life, make sure your study space is in a calm place. Still, a bit of variety won’t hurt. Learning expert Nicola Berger explains: “Many people canbetter recall learning content when they change works paces, as the material is linked to the place where it was learned.”

2. Inject some colour!

Learning content should be clear and comprehensible, whether it is handwritten or digitally produced. Colours can be useful here, helping learners to maintain a good overview.
“There are different opinions about the effect of colours. Red, for example, is supposed to have a stimulating effect. But if you associate red with a teacher's red pencil, the learning success can also be inhibited. The best thing for everyone is to decide for themselves which colours motivate and appeal tothem,” learning expert Nicola Berger explains.

3. Share your progress online

It would almost be a waste not to share study materials that have been prepared with such care. One good option here is #studygram, a social media trend from Latin America where learners post their beautifully presented study notes on Instagram and exchange their thoughts about them. Luana Carolina, one of the biggest influencers in the community, says she finds the feedback from her followers extremely motivating: “It's all about mutual support. You help me and I help you! We’ll be there for as long as our followers want us, sharing our experiences - both academic and emotional.”

Learn more about the social trend #studygram:


4. Overcoming “small-mouse-in-front-of-big-mountain” syndrome

All the tips in the world can do nothing at all unless you actually bite the bullet and start to study. But that can be easier said than done, especially when the pile of work ahead seems too much to handle. Nicola Berger has three strategies that can help here: “For me, the easiest and most important method: Just get started! Then I like to apply the so-called salami tactics. You divide big tasks into many small feasible slices, just like with a salami.” And the third strategy? “Always start with a learning task that you enjoy.”

5. Switch off sometimes

All those hours of studying can really cause you a headache. The best thing to do here is switch off: turn your phone off, put your study materials to one side and take some time out. Social media influencer and #studygram expert Luana says these moments of calm are essential from time to time: “It is also important to pay attention to your mental health. You must not go crazy. This also has an influence on our grades.”

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