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Stay on trend with boho, space and wanderlust: new "Design Journey“ Trend Sets from STAEDTLER

Stay on trend with boho, space and wanderlust: new "Design Journey“ Trend Sets from STAEDTLER
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With on-trend themes and sophisticated product combinations, the "Design Journey" will inspire experi-enced hobby artists as well as curious novice artists. The new Trend Sets from STAEDTLER invite you to create colourful drawings in boho style, watercolour galaxies, and wanderlust works on wooden slices. Extensions are also available for the popular Mixed Sets. For all sets, the logo and pack design ensure a special recognition factor for retailers and customers.

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Trend Set: Zodiac Sign Keychain Set

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

Trend Sets with boho, zodiac sign and wanderlust themes

This year, the new Design Journey Trend Sets from STAEDTLER will even motivate you to discover space – with sophisticated combinations of, for example, pencils for artists, metallic pens and high-pigment coloured pencils. While the Mixed Sets are ideal for learning new drawing and colouring techniques, the Trend Sets invite you to quickly try out and create a specific result. In the Zodiac Sign Watercolour Set, watercolour pencils help create amazing effects in a wide range of bright colours. The extra broad fineliner sharpens the outlines and the metallic marker can then be used to add highlights when decorating coloured stars and zodiac signs. Anyone who doesn't just want to create art on the currently on-trend theme of the galaxy on paper can also discover FIMO oven hardening modelling clay with the Zodiac Sign Keychain Set.

STAEDTLER is also combining its pens and modelling clay for the first time in the history of its "Design Journey" product range in other new Trend Sets with the themes boho and wanderlust. With the Boho Drawing and Modelling Style Set (DIY Pouch Set), hobby artists can create their own pouch: While the permanent coloured pencils are used to decorate the kraft paper pouch, the FIMO leather-effect oven hardening modelling clay can be used to create feather tags and beads. The Boho Style Drawing Set brings the fashionable trend to life on paper. The Mars Lumograph can be used for detailed drawings following step-by-step instructions, to which the pigment liner and the extra broad fineliner add the finishing touch. All sets will be available from the third quarter of 2020.

Trend Set: Boho Style Drawing Set

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG
Trend Set: Wanderlust DIY Fabrics Set

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

With the two Wanderlust Sets, STAEDTLER is bringing different surfaces and materials to the fore from the first quarter of 2021. This means that the wooden slice included in the Wanderlust Wood Art Set can be painted with permanent coloured pencils and double-ended fibre-tip pens in the trendy wanderlust style. The Mars Lumograph is used for light pencil strokes and sketching the baselines of the artwork. The Wanderlust DIY Fabrics Set combines the use of pens and FIMO leather-effect oven hardening modelling clay to help create individual fabric designs, for example, for the cotton bag included in the set. Detailed step-by-step instructions and online video tutorials accompany and guide you along your individual creative path.

For learning enthusiasts: Mixed Sets explain application techniques

From the fourth quarter of 2020, STAEDTLER's Mixed Sets will offer the ideal tools for learning and using different techniques: the Floral Watercolour Set will help artists create colourful watercolour drawings, with the double-ended watercolour fibre-tip pens with brush tip creating extraordinary effects on most watercolour papers. The set also includes the Mars Lumograph aquarell - a pencil whose strokes can be blended out by adding water or blended to create shadows. The pigment liner can be used to further accentuate the motif.

Mixed Set: The Floral Watercolour Set

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG
Mixed Set: Handlettering x Watercolour Set

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

Anyone trying out trendy handlettering will find everything they need to give their handwriting a colourful watercolour effect in the Handlettering x Watercolour Set. In addition to the double-ended watercolour fibre-tip pens and a pigment liner, the set also includes a Mars Lumograph for sketching the baselines of the lettering and a metallic brush pen for accentuating the motif and lettering. The hanging cardboard box with window already looks like gift packaging.

The new "Design Journey" Mixed Sets can be found alongside other STAEDTLER product combinations, such as the Watercolour Set for watercolour drawings, the Sketching Set for detailed drawing, the Charcoal Set for drawing with charcoal and the Black&White Set for bright drawings on light and dark paper.

Just give it a try with the Easy Watercolour Sets

STAEDTLER offers special Easy Watercolour Sets for anyone who wants to try out watercolour effects. Be-ginners can use the STAEDTLER Floral, Butterfly and Birds sets to discover how to use watercolour pencils for themselves. The double-ended watercolour fibre-tip pens included have two tips on the same pen to make creating designs with a colourful watercolour look easy. Also included are a pigment liner, a brush and a free bookmark to decorate.

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