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Special brilliance, long-lasting lightfastness: STAEDTLER’s new Multi Ink sets new standards

Special brilliance, long-lasting lightfastness: STAEDTLER’s new Multi Ink sets new standards
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An ink with exceptional colour brilliance and lightfastness: the special qualities of the innovative Multi Ink pens vividly enhance STAEDTLER’s new range, called pigment arts pen. The high-quality product family is suitable for the brightest of drawings, illustrations and lettering. The design of the new range rapidly reveals just what makes the products so special. Even on the packaging itself, pigments in bright colours jump out to catch the eye.

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Fibre-tip pigment pens with high-quality Multi Ink

If you want to create beautiful designs, such as colourful parrots or exotic plants, in an especially intense colour, then use the pens from STAEDTLER’s new and extra-high-quality pigment arts pen range. There are different tips in the pigment brush pens, the pigment calligraphy pens, the pigment soft brush pens and the pigment pens – for different applications. But they all share an innovative common feature: Multi Ink, a newly developed premium ink that combines the advantages of multiple ink systems and thus guarantees exceptional colour brilliance and extreme lightfastness. Multi Ink is colourfast, waterproof, dries quickly on most surfaces and can be painted over after drying – without smearing. Thanks to these properties, the various products from the pigment arts pen range are suitable for combining different creative painting techniques, materials and painting media. The outer parts of the pen (the shank, protector and end cap) are made of 97 percent recycled plastic.

If you want to stick within a particular colour scheme, go for the pigment brush pens in a set of six, for example in “Blues & Violets”.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG

Pigment brush pens for multifaceted projects

Whether you're hand-lettering, writing calligraphy or drawing with shadows, the new pens in the pigment arts pen family are geared towards different areas of application and varying requirements. The pigment brush pen is a felt-tip pen with a medium-strength brush tip. It is flexible yet dimensionally stable and therefore particularly easy to control. The line width can be varied slightly, which is why the pigment brush pens are particularly suitable for hand and brush lettering projects. The waterproof pigment brush pens, which dry quickly on most surfaces, are available in 6-piece cardboard cases in the colours “Blues & Violets”, “Reds & Pinks”, “Greens & Turquoises” and “Greys & Caramels”. The colour combinations are based on the particular needs of hobby artists, whether beginner or advanced. If you would like a more varied selection, you can choose from the three 12-piece cardboard cases: These are available in different colour combinations, such as pastel shades or natural colours. The cardboard cases with 24 or 36 pigment brush pens offer the full colour experience for those who do not want to limit themselves to a specific colour family. All colours can also be purchased as individual pens.

For calligraphers and those who love to draw

The other products in the new STAEDTLER range are also characterised by their high quality and colour intensity. The pigment calligraphy pen has a calligraphy tip with a line width of approx. 2.0 mm. For lettering and calligraphy, for example, both delicate and wide lines can be brought to paper. The felt-tip pen is available in twelve bright colours, which can also be purchased separately.

The pigment calligraphy pen has a calligraphy tip, which can be used to draw both delicate and wide lines on paper.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG
Die sechs Grau- und Schwarztöne der pigment soft brush pens eignen sich ideal für Schatteneffekte.

Bildrechte: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG

Realistic shadow effects

Creatives can use the new pigment soft brush pen for shading, brush rings and a wide range of drawing styles. Its high-quality brush tip is softer than that of the pigment brush pen, which allows the line width to be highly varied, while the tip retains its stable shape. The six shades of grey and black are ideal for shadow effects that give any motif that certain something extra. They are available in sets and can be purchased separately. The pigment soft brush pens can also be used to combine creative painting techniques, materials and painting media.

Intense black with the pigment pen

If you want to give your drawings an even stronger, defined look, use the pigment pen. Its round tip with a line width of approx. 1.0 mm draws sharp outlines and hatching. Innovative ink technology and fast drying on most surfaces allow creatives to overpaint their dried drawings without smearing. The pigment pen delivers an intense black and can be used to place special accents.

Eye-catching support materials for retailers

The packaging of the new product family attracts attention thanks to its intense colour contrasts. The accompanying materials for retail also create optimum visibility at the POS. A wide range of display solutions and information materials vividly present the pigment arts pen products to enthusiastic consumers. A test station can be set up so that customers can experiment by drawing some lines with the pens and see the quality for themselves. STAEDTLER offers tutorials with step-by-step and video instructions on its website.