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Shimmering effects: STAEDTLER enriches its "Design Journey" range with new colour-intensive pens

Shimmering effects: STAEDTLER enriches its "Design Journey" range with new colour-intensive pens
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STAEDTLER is sending hobby creatives on artistic journeys of discovery with new colours of the coloured pencils and other new products. Whether colourful, shiny or shaded work: The diverse products of the "Design Journey“ are suitable for those who like to be creative and want to experience their art for the first time.

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Representing nature's diversity

Whether it's an impression of a walk in the forest or inspiration from a day by the sea: STAEDTLER's "Design Journey" product range is dedicated to artistic encounters with nature and opens up its own creative paths for customers. Thanks to the high-quality coloured pencils and their soft leads, radiant worlds can be created on a white sheet of paper – now also in 72 bright colours. For an even wider spectrum, the highly pigmented colours can be easily mixed with each other. The colouring pencils are also close to nature for another reason: STAEDTLER uses wood from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests for its production. The new coloured pencils are available in different pack sizes with their hexagonal shape. Kits with 12, 24, 48 or 72 colours are available as required. The packaging shows drawings from the North American wilderness and memorable motifs from nature. The products are available in a metal or card-board case and have been available since the third quarter of 2020. STAEDTLER offers specal tear-off pads and magazines with tutorials on the "Design Journey" for addressing customers and for direct inspiration at the POS.


Especially for shiny shades in a wide variety of grey tones, the STAEDTLER "Design Journey" leads directly to the high-quality pencil Mars Lumograph pure graphite. The special lead formulation is not only suitable for writing, drawing and sketching, but also allows hatching, graphic and artistic work. STAEDTLER has been offering metal cases with six or twelve of the full-graphite pencils in various degrees of hardness since July 2020. This pencil creates no wood waste thanks to the lack of a wooden case.

Shiny metallic effects

For special impressions on white but also colourful or dark paper and cardboard, STAEDTLER is adding further metallic pencils to the "Design Journey“. The established metallic marker with round felt-tip and a line width of approximately one to two millimetres will be available from November 2020 under the name "metallic pen“ in four further colours for decorative drawings and creative writing.

STAEDTLER is also expanding its range of metallic pens with the "metallic brush", which will also be available from November. Thin and wide lines of one to six millimetres can be conjured up on the paper with the brush tip in ten colours. Like with all "metallic pens", these can be easily wiped off smooth surfaces such as glass and mirrors with a damp cloth.

Anyone interested in the art of calligraphy is well advised with the new "metallic calligraphy" products. The calligraphy tip with a line width of up to 2.8 mm gives special expression to fonts and decorations. The "metallic calligraphy“ will be available in ten colours and white from the first quarter of 2021.

STAEDTLER swears by the "metallic pen" in white for opaque coverage and decoration on coloured and dark paper: the "white pen", which will be available from November 2020. It is also available with a brush or calligraphy tip in the new "metallic brush" or "metallic calligraphy" series, as "white brush" or "white calligraphy". All STAEDTLER metallic pens set extra highlights, especially suitable for scrapbooks and greeting cards. 

Other companions on the "Design Journey"

For different styles, drawings can be combined with coloured pencils or Mars Lumograph pure graphite, for example with the water-soluble coloured pencils. It is now also available in 48 colours. A little water can be added to watercolour paper to create artistic colour gradients and luminous effects. Additional high-quality STAEDTLER pens complete the range of artistic tools on every "Design Journey". These include the Mars Lumograph pencils in different degrees of hardness, the Mars Lumograph charcoal pencil and the pigment liner. Like the new coloured pencil, they are also manufactured entirely in Germany.

Find more information about the Desing Journey here:

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