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Perforating, sewing or stamping: Individual accessories with the FIMO leather-effect toolbox

Perforating, sewing or stamping: Individual accessories with the FIMO leather-effect toolbox
10 min

With FIMO leather-effect from STAEDTLER, personal pieces of jewellery in leather look can be designed without using leather as a material. In addition to six blocks of modelling clay in selected colours, the new tool set also offers matching accessories. This enables a wide range of processing steps such as perforation, sewing and stamping. The FIMO leather-effect tool box thus follows the motto "MADE by YOU ♥ " and equips craft fans and fashion lovers to easily create leather-like accessories.

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Customising jewellery and decoration

With the 15-pieces FIMO leather-effect tool box, creative DIY fans have everything they need to create personal accessories in a leather look. Whether personalised bookmarks, surprising details for the handbag or extravagant earrings: After hardening in the oven the modelling clay in the colours white, black, ivory, rust, berry and indigo surprises with a stylish leather look and haptic. For creative design, the tool box contains four modelling tools with different heads as well as the new FIMO stamp kit. Anyone who wants to further enhance their artworks can use the sewing kit with a needle and six threads in different colours or the perforating wheel made of steel for additional effects. As inspiration, STAEDTLER provides versatile creative tutorials on the inside of the sleeve and via a QR code in the packaging. The stackable FIMO leather-effect tool box can be ordered from just one piece from the first quarter of 2021.

Modelling clay creates a leather effect

Thanks to the special formula of FIMO leather-effect, the modelling clay has a leather-like feel just after 30 minutes of hardening in the oven at 130 degrees Celsius. It is particularly flexible and bendable, even after hardening. This means that it can be cut, braided, stamped and sewn. STAEDTLER thus developed a modelling clay for numerous application possibilities and opens up further creative design leeway. FIMO leather-effect's wide colour palette with twelve modern colours offers the right look for every taste and trend, as well as for every season.

Stamp personal messages

Regardless of which message, label or embellishment: With the new FIMO stamp kit, you will always find the right words. It is also suitable for FIMO and FIMOair and will be available from the first quarter of 2021. Moreover, it is available individually or as a part of every FIMO leather-effect tool box. A total of 88 characters - consisting of letters, numbers and special characters – enable custom-made accessories.


STAEDTLER provides ideas and suggestions for all DIY artists, thereby encouraging modelling with FIMO. That is why there is the claim “MADE by YOU ♥ “. It is to provide motivation for those still undiscovered, hidden hobby artists and inspiration to all who have already discovered the joy of using modelling clay. Whether beginner or advanced DIY fan - everyone is invited to be creative and to release their creativity. With FIMO, an infinite number of creations are possible - “MADE by YOU ♥ “.