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Perfect match: Colourful mandalas with pens from the anniversary brand triplus

Perfect match: Colourful mandalas with pens from the anniversary brand triplus
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Colourful mandalas have spiritual, religious and educational meanings depending on the culture and religion. They are also appreciated for their relaxing effect. For hobby creatives, mandalas have long been in trend for break times. STAEDTLER provides the ideal helpers to create the detailed images: The triplus brand pens and pencils are celebrating their 25th birthday. The product family offers many different types of pens and pencils, including felt-tip pens or fineliners, which are ideal for designing and colouring mandalas. All products in the triplus brand have one thing in common: the ergonomic triangular shape. A look at 25 years of brand history and the world of meditative motifs.

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The triplus brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a special packaging for the triplus fineliner and triplus color felt-tip pens.

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Ergonomic and versatile

The most important distinguishing feature of the triplus family is the ergonomic triangular shape of its pencils and pens, which enables relaxed writing and drawing. STAEDTLER documented the first triangular pencils back in the 1860s. With the triplus brand, which was registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office on 12 February 1997, the feature was revived and has since distinguished not only the product family, but many other STAEDTLER pens and pencils. The triplus range boasts great versatility. It includes fineliners, felt-tip pens, text markers and broadliners, as well as rollerball pens and ink pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils and permanent fineliners.

From school brand to all-rounder

Initially, triplus pens and pencils were offered as individual products for schools until the triplus brand grew into an independent product family in 2002. At this time, the shafts were given the ring structure as a recognisable design element for the first time, which still marks all triplus pens and pencils to this day. Over the years, triplus pens and pencils came to be used not only in classrooms, but also in offices. STAEDTLER expanded its range once again in 2017, thus opening up to a new target group: Hobby creatives were given fineliners, broadliners and felt-tip pens. In combination with the triplus color felt-tip pens, the triplus fineliners are ideal for creating colourful motifs such as mandalas, which combine delicate elements and larger surfaces. The Mandala Creator on the STAEDTLER website provides inspiration for creating one's own mandala.

Mandalas: Meditative painting

Making a mandala can be a creative break. At the same time, the simple forms are based on complex meanings. The word “mandala” comes from Ancient Indian Sanskrit, and means “circle” or “circular”. The symbols originate from Hinduism and Buddhism, where mandalas are mostly used for meditation, ceremonies or symbols of the universe.

Mandalas usually consist of geometric shapes oriented towards the centre. The concrete shapes and colours do not arise by chance, especially when one creates the mandala oneself and chooses certain shapes based on their meaning. For example, equilateral triangles can represent harmony, while the colour blue can represent inner peace. The triplus fineliner and triplus color felt-tip pens offer a wide colour palette, the combination of which gives each mandala an individual touch. The different line thicknesses also help to create and colour in the circular images: The fineliners can be used to create detailed decorations, while the felt-tip pens colour large areas. In addition, the shape of the pens and pencils in the triplus family ensure even more relaxation while drawing mandalas.

Mandalas provide a creative break. The triplus fineliners can be used to create detailed and delicate motifs.

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Mandalas have long been a trend for hobby creatives. The triplus color felt-tip pens are ideal for drawing personal mandalas with wider lines or for colouring them in.

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Mandalas as motifs support inner peace. It is not without reason that mandalas are also used in education or psychotherapy because of their balancing effect. The design of the images encourages creativity and concentration, and abstract thinking and fine motor skills are trained. Nowadays, mandalas are also often used as leisure activities and for relaxation outside of the religious context. Modern colouring books combine different types of mandalas and portray various cultural contexts, such as Celtic motifs or plant mandalas.

The anniversary brand has a range of pens and pencils up its sleeve for keeping us relaxed while we create detailed artwork such as mandalas. On the STAEDTLER website, the Mandala Creator can be used to create very personal mandala designs for colouring:

25 years triplus

Factsheets on the triplus product family and on the topic "Mandala" can be downloaded here.

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