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On the go with the mobility sets from STAEDTLER

On the go with the mobility sets from STAEDTLER
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STAEDTLER is creating new impressions within the ergonomic triplus family, which is based on different writing styles and writing occasions with its diverse products. With the mobility sets, STAEDTLER is dedicated to the trend of mobile working. The "Mobility Star" and "WELCOME SET" versions equip customers with different pens for a wide range of applications. This means that there are no limits to creativity on the go.

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Pen boxes to go

Whether at home, on a business trip or in the office: With the new mixed multi-sets from the triplus fam-ily, the ergonomic writing companion is always with you. The combination of several products such as triplus color, triplus textsurfer, triplus micro 0.5 mm or Lumocolor permanent duo in one box provides the ideal equipment for different applications. The triplus textsurfer can be used to highlight text passages, for example, while the triangular triplus micro 0.5 mm pencil with a chromed metal tip is suitable for quick notes and sketches. This means that users always have the matching pen at hand with the sets and can easily transport them. This saves time and meets the requirements of a "Clean Desk Policy“. Thanks to their ergonomic triangular shape, the triplus pens sit comfortably in the hand and enable re-laxed writing and marking.

Individual sets

STAEDTLER will offer the new triplus multi-sets 34 in three different configurations from January 2021. With ten pens, it is available in a practical, upright STAEDTLER box in black. Alternatively, as a "Mobility Star" set, it contains twelve pens including a triplus ruler in a handy cardboard container, which offers additional space for other favourite pens. STAEDTLER provides retailers with ten "Mobility Star" packages in attractive shelf-ready displays.
One highlight on the first working day is the "WELCOME SET“, which welcomes new team members with 15 selected pens in the handy cardboard container and equips them for a wide range of tasks and pro-jects.

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