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Notes as small works of art: Sketchnoting Sets from STAEDTLER for office, school and the kitchen

Notes as small works of art: Sketchnoting Sets from STAEDTLER for office, school and the kitchen
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With its three new Sketchnoting Sets, STAEDTLER offers the ideal tool for illustrating handwritten notes. In addition to fineliners, fibre-tip pens and highlighters, the sets also come with a step-by-step guide. When selecting the colours and pens, STAEDTLER was guided by the different requirements for the visualisation of memos in the office and school, or even in the kitchen. Sketchnoting not only makes them look more appealing, it also makes them easier to remember. The three new Sketchnoting Sets from STAEDTLER are available to specialist retailers with three packs of each set in shelf ready packaging.

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The eye also learns

Sketchnoting is a fun and easy technique for visualising memos and notes. For a range of occasions in the office, at school or at home in the kitchen, STAEDTLER is offering three new sets with a coordinated selection of pens from established product ranges. The sets, which will be available from the fourth quarter of 2020, contain pigment liners, triplus highlighters and triplus color fibre-tip pens. While the Sketchnoting Set for everyday use in the office and home office is designed for decorating signs and notes from business meetings, the school set helps illustrate exercise book notes and learning materials. Those who want to write down new recipes at home in a fun way will find the recipe set has everything they need. All the symbols consist of simple lines and basic square, triangle, and circle shapes. With these templates, even beginners can make their notes memorable. New and experienced sketchnoters will find inspiration from STAEDTLER's set packaging, which also can be used as a practical pen holder and case thanks to its design.

Highlights and shadow effects

The combination of different pens means that a diverse array of records, attractive teaching summaries, and colourful calendar entries can be created. The pigment liners are suitable for colourful written notes, as the pigmented ink does not smudge when highlighted. The triplus highlighters can, in turn, be used to create light and shadow effects and add colour accents. The triplus color fibre-tip pens are the ideal helpers for bold lines and areas, such as borders, arrows, exclamation marks and headings. By consciously combining several colours and pen types, customers can concentrate on the content of their notes. Graphic recording, which visualises and illustrates projects on larger areas (e.g. on on whiteboards and flipcharts) than sketchnoting, works according to a similar principle.