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Noris digital jumbo – Tradition Meets Innovation

Noris digital jumbo – Tradition Meets Innovation
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STAEDTLER launches jumbo stylus with integrated eraser: With the Noris digital classic, STAEDTLER created the classic pencil fit for tablets and smartphones etc. In 2020, the Nuremberg-based stationery and creative goods manufacturer is going one step further: the new Noris digital jumbo has a soft eraser at the end of the stylus! A functional jumbo stylus that won’t just make children's eyes light up.

Press Release for Download

The new Noris digital jumbo looks just like a classic jumbo pencil with triangular shape. But it also includes the latest EMR technology from Wacom, innovative WOPEX material and a soft digital eraser at the end of the stylus. By simply turning the stylus around, text and drawings can be easily deleted from the display and errors can be corrected. The Noris digital jumbo - a stylus for anyone who does not want to miss out on the classic, analogue writing and erasing experience in the innovative digital world.

Ergonomic shape, easy to use

While the Noris digital classic is available with the same length and shape as a classic pencil, the new Noris digital jumbo is being launched with a compact jumbo shape. At 140 mm, it is significantly shorter than the classic version and also features a thick triangular shaft. This makes it particularly suitable for children and their first writing and drawing exercises on digital devices. But the ergonomic features of STAEDTLER's new stylus also have advantages for bigger hands – on the tablet at home, on the smartphone on the move, in the office or for artists and designers doing creative work.

The highlight of the new Noris digital jumbo is the soft, digital eraser at the end of the stylus – optically and functionally it is just like an eraser on classic pencil. The handling is therefore already familiar: turn the stylus around and erase, as easy as that. No additional buttons have to be pressed or extra functions activated. The eraser is also so soft that erasing on the display feels familiar, just like using an eraser on a piece of paper.

Tradition meets Innovation

Unlike a lot of other smart pens, writing with a stylus from the STAEDTLER Noris digital range feels very similar to writing with classic pencils. That is because it combines the advantages of both worlds: the shapes and striped look are inspired by its world-famous analogue forerunner, the Noris pencil. Pretty much everyone has probably used one countless times throughout their life – for their first drawing attempts in childhood or even when learning how to write. Despite its nostalgia-inducing exterior, the styluses have a real technical innovation hidden inside: Wacom's digital lead. STAEDTLER has been working exclusively with its technology partner for its latest innovation. The lead uses electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology to ensure a very comfortable and natural writing experience on compatible smartphone, tablet and notebook displays. The complete compatibility list is available at Thanks to the EMR technology, the digital device always knows exactly where the w iting point is in relation to the display because it emits an electromagnetic field that interacts inductively with the lead in the stylus. What is more, the device ignores any palms resting on the display surface – this is known as palm rejection. This allows users to rest their hands comfortably and to write and sketch with a completely natural posture without their hand getting tired.

The thin 0.7 mm writing point ensures extremely precise writing and drawing. This point can also be replaced. As with a pencil, the width of a stroke varies depending on the pressure applied. There are 4,096 pressure levels. The writing angle supported (40 to 140 degree) is very flexible, meaning users can use a wide range of drawing techniques, such as cross-hatching an area by simply tilting the stylus. So, it has everything you need for creative drawing and detailed sketches. And all this without having to take a break – due to the technology: since the EMR technology does not consume any power, the STAEDTLER Noris digital never requires a battery to be charged or replaced. It is always ready for use - any time, any place.

Analogue and digital: two worlds, one vision

Even tried and tested writing instruments must be re-imagined for the digital age. With the Noris digital range, the traditional company STAEDTLER combines the nostalgic charm of the classic pencil with innovative stylus technology. The intelligent concept combines the best of both worlds in one product: “We at STAEDTLER believe that analogue activities such as writing and drawing are subject to digital transformation, but are at the same time an important part of it”, explains Axel Marx, CEO of the STAEDTLER Group. “We want to create a balance between these two worlds – and bring the pen, as we know it, in line with the digital world. “

A digital delight to use – from the lead to the shaft

The innovative EMR lead in the STAEDTLER Noris digital is enclosed by the unique wood-based material WOPEX. Its velvety, non-slip surface makes the stylus extremely easy to grip. WOPEX is also used for the production of analogue pencils and coloured pencils from the traditional company STAEDTLER. The innovative material is primarily composed of wood. The wood content comes from PEFC-certified German forests. The material is produced by processing granules of all the components in a specially developed production procedure.

The new Noris digital jumbo is available at a price of 39.99 Euro (RRP). The Noris digital classic with its slim hexagonal shape is sold for 24.99 Euro (RRP). Further information on the styluses in the Noris digital product range can found online on the STAEDTLER website at