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New FIMO kids products for crafting fun

New FIMO kids products for crafting fun
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The new FIMO kids tool boxes extend the FIMO kids range by practical packages for little craft enthusiasts from the age of eight. In addition, there are new sets for FIMO kids form&play that combine creativity and the joy of playing in a unique way.

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FIMO kids Tool box 8039

The new FIMO kids tool boxes will be available in stores as 10-piece sets which, in addition to FIMO kids modelling clay, also include suitable tools for children. Three variants - "Pony", "Alien" and "Sealife" - will be available. In no time at all, creative play worlds can be created on earth, underwater and in the universe. The "Alien" set, for example, includes two templates to help easily shape eerily beautiful aliens. Once all the figures have been modelled, the inside of the cartoon sleeves can be coloured and used as a backdrop for playing. FIMO kids tool boxes, displayed standing upright, will be available to retailers from January 2020.

FIMO kids form&play sets 8034

2020 starts with four new FIMO kids form&play sets. The proven principle of "knead-harden-play”is now also available in the "Happy bees" and "Police race" sets. Child-friendly instructions explain the exciting projects step-by-step. Particularly practical and sustainable is the packaging which is used in the process of crafting and playing. It serves as a background, as in "Police Race", or wings for FIMO bees can be cut out and glued on. The sets thus promote fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and role playing. FIMO kids form&play sets can be displayed hanging or standing.