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Nature through children's eyes: World Kids Colouring Day 2022 is dedicated to the habitat of the air

Nature through children's eyes: World Kids Colouring Day 2022 is dedicated to the habitat of the air
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What flutters, flies and floats through the air? The motto “Let’s discover nature – in the air” for the World Kids Colouring Day on 6 May 2022 encourages children to be inspired by the diversity of species and natural wonders in the air and to draw their impressions. The writing and creative goods manufacturer STAEDTLER supports the child rights organisation Plan International Germany with one euro for every picture submitted. This contribution will go towards a project for families and children in Peru that STAEDTLER is supporting for the second time in 2022.

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There's something in the air

Which birds are flying through the air? Eagles, blackbirds or parrots? What colours are the wings of the butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower? And what shape do the clouds make in the air? For World Kids Colouring Day 2022, children from all over the world will give a glimpse of how they experience the air as an element and which associations it creates in their heads. Under the motto “Let’s discover nature – in the air”, they will become researchers and discover, among other things, which animals have conquered the air!  

“With the motto ‘Let’s discover nature – in the air’, we have linked this year's edition to the successful World Kids Colouring Day 2021, which looked at biodiversity on the ground. Both elements, earth and air, are rich in life and full of adventure. We want to encourage children to look up at the air around them. Sometimes you don't have to look very far – even a small beetle that stretches its wings and flies away is part of the habitat of the air and inspires us," explains Britta Olsen, Head of Brand and Communications at STAEDTLER. “Living things need air to breathe – we are excited to see how the young researchers will interpret the new motto.”

With the motto “Let’s discover nature – in the air”, STAEDTLER is appealing for the second year running for children to observe and experience nature in its many facets. While in 2021 children made nature on the ground the theme of their pictures, in 2022 they will be looking at the air.

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Observe, be amazed and draw

One look outside is all it takes to see a range of natural wonders in the air that differ with the region and climate. In warm temperatures, for example, children can watch insects hungrily buzzing from flower to flower. In cold weather, our breath freezes in front of our noses and condenses. When trees drop their leaves, they dance quietly through the air as they drift to the ground. Fog makes the air almost opaque and when the sun is high in the sky and the last clouds break up, the horizon expands and sometimes we even see hot air balloons gliding through the air. 
“Whether it’s rainbows, dandelions or the many animal conquerors of the skies – there’s so much to discover. We want to stimulate children’s creativity and, as every year, we will be surprised at how children see the world and the wealth of ideas they use to put their impressions to paper," explains Susanne Schmidt-Britting, who leads the World Kids Colouring Day project at STAEDTLER. 

In order to improve the health and nutritional situation of children in Peru, Plan International Germany helps local families to secure their livelihoods and feed their children healthily. STAEDTLER is supporting this project with one euro for every submission for World Kids Colouring Day 2022.

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Doing good with creativity

In 2022, STAEDTLER will support the project “Allin Mikuna – Healthy Nutrition for Children” from Plan International Germany in Peru for the second time. In 2021, 30,958 euros were collected. STAEDTLER wants to build on this success in 2022 and will support the “Allin Mikuna” project with one euro per picture. “Allin Mikuna” means “good nutrition” in the local language, Quechua. Under this motto, Plan International Germany helps local families to secure their livelihoods and provide their children with healthy nutrition. Parents learn how to cultivate their own food organically at education sessions. Women in particular are supported by this project, because they are often responsible for feeding the family in Peru but rarely have access to opportunities to earn income. 

“The happy and above all healthy growth of children is the most important basis for adulthood. This is not given in the project region, because many children there suffer from malnutrition. Education on organic farming methods gives local people the knowledge they need to offer their children a future and allow them to live a self-sufficient life. We are delighted that our partner company STAEDTLER is committed to the children and their families in Peru!” says Kathrin Hartkopf, spokesperson for the Management Board of Plan International Germany.

STAEDTLER is supporting Plan International Germany for the fifth time as part of the World Kids Colouring Day. The company has already had the opportunity to support different projects with a total amount of more than €90,000 between 2018 and 2021.

All three to twelve-year-olds who submit a picture to STAEDTLER for World Kids Colouring Day 2022 will be supporting the "Allin Mikuna" project and, as a result, the healthy nutrition of children in Peru.

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A contribution towards developing the creativity of the next generation and to social responsibility

STAEDTLER has been organising World Kids Colouring Day since 2008 and, in this way, encourages children to draw and help out at the same time. 

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