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More play, more fun: FIMO kids form&play sets – now with additional craft accessories

More play, more fun: FIMO kids form&play sets – now with additional craft accessories
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The FIMO kids oven-hardening modelling clay from STAEDTLER combines creativity and playing fun. FIMO children's individual ideas and skills create unique play worlds when modelling with FIMO kids. This is not only good for the development of a child's creativity, but also fosters fine motor skills at the same time. New product assignments such as playing surfaces, stickers and thematically suitable craft sheets are added to the well-known FIMO kids form&play sets from STAEDTLER. In this way, children not only train their kneading and modelling skills, but also craft skills in the handling of paper.

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14 new sets for extra crafting fun

The FIMO kids form&play sets have been reworked with great attention to detail and will be launched in 2021 with 12 expanded and two completely new sets. In keeping with the motto "More play, more fun - at the same price", the sets now offer additional accessories that increase the fun factor to an even greater extent. Colourful, child-friendly instructions explain the exciting projects step by step – ideal for beginners. Their ease of use ensure that the different figures are shaped with a lot of joy and motivation. Especially handy: The packaging is also used for crafting and playing - as a playing surface for the finished modelled FIMO kids figures. These play worlds can now be further decorated and personalised with craft sheets for cutting out as well as a collection of various stickers. This way, the sets combine creativity, imagination and playing fun and, in addition to kneading and modelling skills, also train fine motor skills in handling paper and scissors. A QR code on the back of the packaging leads to additional information and craft instructions.

The 12 expanded sets are available with the themes "Princess", "Pony", "Butterfly", "Dino", "Space", "Monster", "Mermaid", "Cat", "Unicorn" and "Oceanlife" – formerly known as "Seaworld". The two themed worlds "Dreamy Pets" and "Construction trucks" are completely new to the range. These delight with either cute cuddly animals in delicate colours or yellow minature sized construction site vehicles.

The FIMO kids form&play sets are suitable for hanging or standing presentation. The packaging can be used as a resealable box for storing the materials.

Different variants for beginners and advanced users

FIMO kids is an extra-soft modelling clay specially developed for children's hands. After kneading, the figures are placed in the oven for hardening. This creates durable play companions that the little ones can still enjoy for a long time after modelling. The modelling clay is now also available in the form of play and modelling sets in three sizes and price variants. The perfect product for all specific needs – whether beginners or small kneading pros:

In addition to the FIMO kids form&play sets, the compact FIMO kids Funny kits are particularly suitable as familiarisation sets for getting to know the modelling clay. Sculpting with FIMO kids is very easy with the small size sets. Cheerful themes and simple basic forms guarantee lots of fun and quick success. The sets each contain two FIMO kids blocks in matching colours and simple instructions. Thanks to their compact size and attractive pricing, they serve as the ideal introduction to the FIMO kids world and are affordable even with small pocket money. FIMO kids Funny Kits are available on blister cards in eight different themes: "Funny Mice", "Funny Beetles", "Funny Cats", "Funny Cactus", "Funny Carrots", "Funny Peas", "Funny Sausages" and "Funny Paper".

The FIMO kids toolboxes available since 2020 are more comprehensive. In addition to FIMO kids modelling clay, these 10-piece sets also offer suitable, child-friendly tools in high quality. With them, little kneading pros have the ideal basic equipment for their countless, colorful crafting projects with FIMO kids. The boxes are available in the three themed worlds "Pony", "Alien" and "Sealife".