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How to create your hand-lettered quote

How to create your hand-lettered quote

The ultimate art in hand lettering is the creation of whole phrases. These then make wonderful decorations for your home or gifts for your loved ones. We show you how to combine different font styles and decorative features to create and complete your hand lettered quote.


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To start with, draw a cross on your paper using the ruler, dividing it into four equal sections. Use the geometry set square to sketch in boxes where you will later place individual hand lettered words.

Once you have sketched in your lines and grid, first draw in your phrase with the pencil. That way you can be sure that your phrase will create a harmonious whole.

Now go over your lettering using the pigment liner (e.g. in 0.5 mm line width).

Use the pigment liner and metallic marker to add highlights and shadows to your lettering. (You’ll find tips on creating shadow effects)
The next step is to add decorative features with metallic markers, filling in the spaces in your letters and giving your hand lettered phrase an uplift.

Right at the end, when everything’s completely dry, rub out your preliminary markings.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
pigment liner 308 Fineliner - Blistercard containing 1 pigment liner black, line width approx. 0.5 mm 30805-9BKD 1
STAEDTLER® 8323 Metallic pen - Blistercard containing 5 metallic pen in assorted colours 8323-S BK5 1
Mars® plastic 526 50 Eraser in premium quality - Blistercard containing 1 eraser 526 50 526 50 BKD 1
Mars® 568 Geometry set squares - Single product length 16 cm with removable grip, fileable 568 36 1

Additionally required:

Coated paper

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