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Happy Birthday, Noris! STAEDTLER will celebrate the 120th birthday of a classic in 2021

Happy Birthday, Noris! STAEDTLER will celebrate the 120th birthday of a classic in 2021
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The "Noris" brand will be 120 years old next year. Today, one particular product from STAEDTLER's diverse range, which is particularly well-known for its school products, is world-famous: millions of people around the world write and draw with the yellow-and-black striped pencil known as the Noris. STAEDTLER will celebrate the brand name's birthday in 2021. Under the motto "THE ONE Noris – 120 years of creativity“, the tradition-rich company is dedicating a campaign to its classic brand with new sets and POS displays in the now iconic pencil design. "2021 will be a special year for old and new Noris fans," promises Britta Olsen, Head of Brand & Communications at STAEDTLER.

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Eye-catching design

STAEDTLER's best-selling brand was given its name for a good reason: the name "Noris" is based on centuries-old names for its hometown of Nuremberg. The word mark for STAEDTLER writing instruments was registered on 10 September 1901. Today, the Noris pencil with article number 120 is particularly famous worldwide. Since 1955, it has been characterised by the distinctive yellow and black stripes; the dipped cap at the end of the shaft with its unusual white crown is now used to show the degree of hardness. "Anyone today who thinks of a pencil with yellow and black stripes when they hear the word 'pencil‘ has our Noris in mind," Britta Olsen explains.

Birthday ideas for retail

STAEDTLER has created a special birthday logo and design to celebrate the anniversary properly. "We will celebrate the 120th birthday of the Noris brand with customers and sales partners around the world and we have created special campaigns for this," says Britta Olsen. The new counter display is based on the look of the classic pencil and has space for 576 of the current Noris pencils in different degrees of hard-ness. The banderole at the top part of the stand-up display is easy to remove, making it suitable for use after 2021. Retailers will benefit from attractive display pricing. STAEDTLER is also offering retailers small giveaways to keep end customers happy, as well as free sample boxes.

New sets for the 120th birthday

All Noris birthday sets from STAEDTLER are bonus packs that complement the classic pencil. For example, the set with twelve HB pencils also contains a sharpener for accurate lines and a latex-free, yellow and black striped Noris eraser with a familiar red dipped cap. The hexagonal packaging is based on the shape of the Noris pencil. If you do not need as many pencils, blister packs with three or eight pencils are available, and come with different combinations of Noris erasers and sharpeners as giveaways. With this the new, brand owned Noris sharpener in a matching yellow and black design will also be introduced to the range. It perfectly fits into pencil cases and, thanks to its handy format and practical ratchet function, is also suitable for left-handers. It also shows when the pencil has been sharpened sufficiently. The Noris Big pack with 144 pencils and three manual sharpeners completes the birthday range.

Noris for the little ones

In this birthday year, STAEDTLER is paying particular attention to its extensive Noris school range, which, as well as pencils, includes coloured pencils, fibre-tip pens, paints, clays, crayons, compasses and accessories. The back-to-school floor display will catch people's eyes thanks to its unusual tree shape. It is inspired by the topics of nature and the environment, which are currently drawing a lot of attention. The display offers enough space for STAEDTLER school products, including the brightly coloured Noris colour pencils.

In 2021 retailers and customers can also expect an extension of the product range to include the youngest ones – the new Noris junior preschool range including the Noris junior pencil! With this pencil STAEDTLERfor the first time is offering a compact, CE compliant pencil that even the littlest ones will be able to hold easily in their hands – for their first drawing experiences. In addition, the Noris digital jumbo, with its ergonomic triangular shape, soft digital eraser, and soft non-slip surface, encourages even the youngest pupils to write on selected tablets, smartphones and laptops.   

These analogue and digital enhancements to the Noris pencil brand, which was registered as far back as 1901, underpin STAEDTLER's claim to be a lifelong brand. The range now gives even the littlest ones the perfect tool to get playfully creative and shape their future.