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Graphite and coloured pencils made of WOPEX material

Graphite and coloured pencils made of WOPEX material

Some of our pencils are made from WOPEX material in a modern and efficient manufacturing process. This not only benefits the environment, but also the writing and colouring process.
So these pencils are simply perfect for use at school, at home and in the office.

Photo credits: PEFC Deutschland
  • The wood flour used in the wood-based material is a by-product from the timber industry, which is generated during sawing and planing. This allows us to process even small parts of the tree that would otherwise not be used in the pencil industry.
  • We maintain short transport routes to our production facilities here in Germany by using wood from PEFC-certified German forests.
  • The modern manufacturing process makes this pencil particularly robust, which can also be seen in the high break-resistance of the lead.
  • Due to the high material density, the pencil is heavier and, as we think, more comfortable to hold. 
  • And if you happen to manage to break the pencil, it doesn't splinter.
  • The soft surface makes the pencil slip-resistant, so there are no boundaries to your creative ideas.
  • In addition, the homogeneous material allows the tip to be sharpened evenly.
Photo credits: PEFC Deutschland

Our contribution to the environment

The wood used comes from sustainably managed PEFC-certified German forests.

Our quality standards

We manufacture in Germany for highest quality.

Our materials

The pencils consist of different granulates with graphite or colour pigments used for the lead, decor for the pencil surface and a wood-based material.

Our innovative technology

The pencil is manufactured from a single cast, which makes our manufacturing process particularly efficient.

Noris® colour 185Noris® colour 185Coloured pencilCardboard box containing 12 coloured pencils in assorted colours
Noris® colour 187Noris® colour 187Coloured pencilClass pack containing 144 coloured pencils in 12 assorted colours and 3 metal sharpeners