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Get to work in a good mood: STAEDTLER’s new “Happy” trend line

Get to work in a good mood: STAEDTLER’s new “Happy” trend line
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STAEDTLER will be presenting the new trend line “Happy” in 2022 in bright colours and modern design. The promotional range of wood-cased pencils and coloured pencils, felt-tip pens and matching accessories is very striking: With colourful motifs and illustrations in a flat design, the new trend line is a real eye-catcher, especially at the POS. The “Happy” product range is primarily aimed at young target groups in terms of design and composition. 

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The emotive look of STAEDTLER’s “Happy” trend line conveys a positive spirit of optimism and a good mood. With the bright colours green, yellow, light orange and bordeaux as well as modern illustrations in flat design, the new sets reflect the taste and lifestyle of the young target group. Flat design motifs are currently on trend: The minimalist, two-dimensional motifs stand out and motivate children, teenagers and young adults to use a variety of colours to creatively put their ideas on paper. The selected pens and pencils in trendy colours help them out here – from coloured pencils to fineliners. By combining “Happy” stationery, individual works can be created that combine different drawing techniques.

STAEDTLER offers products from the new trend line “Happy” in attractive sets – such as the 12-piece set with the Textsurfer classic, triplus fineliners and triplus colour fibre-tip pens.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

Eco-conscious creativity

STAEDTLER’s “Happy” product range offers colourful sets and individual packaging for different creative experiences. All sets combine writing tools that harmonise with each other in application and inspire design. The wood of all the wood-cased pencils and coloured pencils in the “Happy” trend line comes from sustainably managed forests. The cardboard packaging consists of at least 80 percent recycled material. Partially dispensing with inlays saves packaging material.

Bright variety

Different pens and pencils are combined in the “Happy” promotional range. The pencils and coloured pencils offered by STAEDTLER include a set with the Noris 118 pencil in an ergonomic triangular shape together with a phthalate-free and latex-free eraser and a double pencil sharpener. Other sets of “Happy” coloured pencils in intense colours in a 12-pack or also mechanical pencils and normal pencils in a 4-piece set, in a holder or as individual packaging ensure a wide selection. The new trend line “Happy” contains coloured pencils in a handy jumbo format for the younger generation. The range is perfectly rounded out with a sharpener and eraser. 

Among the “Happy” fibre-tip pens, felt-tip pens and text markers, STAEDTLER offers ergonomic triplus fineliners and triplus colour fibre-tip pens, for example, either as a set of 10 with selected colours, or as a mixed set in two versions. The luminous marker is available in “Textsurfer classic” sets of 6 and 8 to highlight relevant text areas or to colour in larger areas. In addition to “Happy” products, a set also includes stickers to colour in and small sticky notes in happy colours.

Eye-catcher at the POS

The colourful sets, as well as the individual products, can be attractively placed in floor or counter displays in retail outlets. With their eye-catching design, they underline the positive message of the product range and ensure increased visibility at the POS. STAEDTLER offers two filled counter displays with selected “Happy” products. In addition, floor displays and shelf decorations, which can be attached to almost any shop shelving system with magnetic strips, are available for individual stocking. Other advertising materials, such as ceiling banners, carrier bags, floor stickers or Vario posters reinforce the product placement. Advertisements and banners as well as video tutorials on STAEDTLER’s website and social media channels accompany the promotional range online. 

The striking design of the floor and counter displays skilfully sets the scene for “Happy” products and increases visibility at the POS.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG