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Galaxy, metallic, glitter: STAEDTLER enriches the FIMO family with sparkling new products

Galaxy, metallic, glitter: STAEDTLER enriches the FIMO family with sparkling new products
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FIMO can be moulded to playfully create unique accessories, jewellery and decorative objects. The modelling clay can be used in many different ways. STAEDTLER is now expanding its extensive range even further, with exciting metallic, glitter and galaxy colours. There are also several newly configured sets for a wide range of applications and special occasions.

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A high-gloss metallic shine can be created with the new FIMO effect Metallic colours of gold, antique bronze and steel grey.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG

FIMO effect: sparkly, shimmering, shiny

FIMO modelling clay has long been an indispensable part of STAEDTLER’s range of creative products. To keep with its tradition of consistently offering new and inventive products, the writing and creative goods manufacturer will be launching new FIMO effect colours from the beginning of next year: The twelve new colours can be used to create accessories and decorations with a galaxy, glitter or metallic look. 

With mineral particles, the glamorous FIMO effect Galaxy series in six different effect colours creates a stardust look. Whether galaxy red or galaxy blue – they all sparkle like a little universe of their own. If you like it a little more subtle but still sparkling, FIMO effect Metallic is the best choice. The gold, antique bronze and steel grey clay colours offer a high-gloss metallic shine. Despite the smooth surface, the shimmering particles create a light-dark contrast. FIMO effect Galaxy and FIMO effect Metallic achieve special depth brilliance when you paint, sand or polish the modelling clay. 
Fans of luxuriously shimmering decorations can give their handcrafted accessories a special look with the three new glitter effect colours. Thanks to their light-reflecting glitter particles, any FIMO DIY project can be taken to the next level and made to sparkle and shine. FIMO effect Glitter is available in gold glitter, rose gold glitter and silver glitter.

All new FIMO effect colours, whether Galaxy, Glitter or Metallic, are as soft and smooth as usual, and can be combined with FIMO soft, other FIMO effect colours, FIMO professional and FIMO leather-effect.

For the FIMO effect range, there are now also three new packaged sets, each containing twelve coordinated colours as half-blocks. Depending on your taste and project, modelling enthusiasts can choose between Mixing Pearls, Neon Colours and Sparkle Colours.

Thanks to their light-reflecting glitter particles, the FIMO effect Glitter colours refine each FIMO DIY project.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG
For accessories or decorative objects in a trendy denim look, there is a new How-to-create set with step-by-step instructions and the most important accessories.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG

Denim and wood look with new How-to-create sets

If you want to create accessories or decorative objects in a denim or wood look, the new How-to-create sets provide step-by-step instructions as well as the most important accessories. Whether it's a denim or wood look you want to achieve, the sets make it easy. Plenty of trendy ideas can inspire you. 

Simple but unique

FIMO soft is characterised above all by its soft feel – which also makes it easy to form. The clay is therefore particularly suitable for beginners who want to take their first steps with modelling clay. The Basic sets with selected colours and accessories give you the best equipment for general purposes. 

FIMO live workshops with seasonal themes

In the free FIMO live workshops, viewers can learn from FIMO artists and jewellery designers, seeing how they create their own unique jewellery pieces using FIMO. Artists Emma, Lisa and Lovisa have already guided viewers through the wonderful world of FIMO and will each give two more live workshops in the fourth quarter of 2022. The courses all have a seasonal theme: Halloween & Autumn, Winter & Cosy, and Christmas. Those interested can register free of charge and then take part in the workshop. 

And yet another innovation has appeared in STAEDTLER’s FIMO family: from 2023, the FIMO professional doll art colours will be part of the FIMO professional range. They are especially suited to professionals and advanced users. Artists appreciate the firm consistency for particularly delicate works as well as the very high dimensional stability. 

A new claim for FIMOair: No bake. JUST MAKE

The air-drying modelling clay now has a fresh look: STAEDTLER is celebrating the relaunch of the popular product range with modern packaging, an optimised recipe and a new member of the FIMOair family, with a granite look. 

FIMOair: new sets for Halloween and Christmas

Thanks to its air-drying properties, FIMOair modelling clay is particularly suitable for creative projects that are easy to handle and need to be ready for use quickly. Four new sets inspire hobby artists to create personalised projects suitable for different seasons and occasions. The FIMOair Basic set contains the general equipment and accessories for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the modelling clay. The Keepsake set provides a jute string and a set of stamps with a selection of 88 characters, in addition to modelling clay and tools, to create an individual hanging pendent that can be used as a memento of special events. It's going to get a little spooky with this Halloween set: fans of spooky decor can use it to create a small Halloween scene with a granite look. In winter, the decorations in your own home change, making it the ideal time to model small Christmas trees using the Christmas set. All our sets are perfect gifts and contain all the products needed for the project – sometimes even acrylic paint for painting. With the enclosed step-by-step instructions, modelling is easy, even for creatives without much experience..

The FIMOair Basic set contains the general equipment and accessories for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the air- drying modelling clay.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars & Co. KG

As usual, there will also be numerous materials for retailers in the coming year to advertise FIMO and the innovations of the STAEDTLER product family: in addition to tear-off pads and brochures, those interested in FIMO will also be made aware of the new products through tutorials and videos.