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FIMO inspires with a leather look: FIMO leather-effect

FIMO inspires with a leather look: FIMO leather-effect
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With FIMO leather-effect, STAEDTLER presents a modelling clay which is similar to leather in look and feel. This unique quality allows FIMO fans enthusiastic about crafts to discover completely new modelling possibilities. FIMO leather-effect is available in 12 colours and complements the extensive FIMO range with a highlight for creative decorations, trendy accessories and individual jewellery.

Press Release for Download

The DIY trend attracts many loyal fans. Enthusiastic budding hobby artists and more advanced DIY fans like to draw inspiration from new ideas, materials and creations. With FIMO leather-effect, STAEDTLER has expanded its range of oven-hardening modelling clays by a product with a completely new look and feel – made possible through a new formula offering creative leeway and versatile application possibilities. FIMO leather-effect is an innovative product that has been available since the second quarter of 2019.

Fascinating versatility
After hardening in the oven, FIMO leather-effect takes on a look and feel similar to leather. FIMO leather-effect remains significantly more flexible compared to other hardened FIMO modelling clays. It is suitable for punching and embossing as well as for cutting and sewing.

Accessories, jewellery, decoration – anything is possible
Bags, necklaces, bracelets – with FIMO leather-effect, users can create individual pieces of art according to their own desire and imagination. Due to the easy handling and unique structure of the new FIMO modelling clay, many creative techniques can be applied. In this way, necklaces or bracelets can be created which can compete with real leather jewellery in terms of look and feel.

Modern variety of colours for setting trends
For FIMO leather-effect, STAEDTLER has developed a distinct colour palette. Choosing from 12 fresh and modern shades of colour, users are able to pick up current trends and incorporate them into their own work. They can choose between the colours ivory, saffron yellow, ochre, berry, watermelon, indigo, lagoon, olive, rust, nut, dove grey and black.

FIMO leather-effect DIY sets for beginners

DIY sets make being creative easy: In addition to detailed instructions, all necessary utensils are included in the set. Customers can see the result on the packaging. The DIY sets with the themes "Jewellery" and "Tassels" have been available since the third quarter of 2019. Two further DIY sets with the themes "Plant hanger" and "Spectacle case" will be available from the first quarter of 2020.

FIMO leather-effect as single blocks and in material packs
Since spring 2019, adventurous customers can find FIMO leather-effect in stores in all 12 shades of colour as single colours in standard blocks. As a half block, FIMO leather-effect is presented in an attractive material pack, which has also been available in stores since spring 2019. The material pack contains a total of 12 half blocks in 12 different colours and is suitable for all who want to try out FIMO leather-effect.

About the use of FIMO leather-effect
FIMO leather-effect is hardened in the oven at 130 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes at top and bottom heat.