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FIMO Creative Weeks

FIMO Creative Weeks

Get creative now with FIMO leather-effect
and win great prizes!

Participation period: 28/10 – 06/12/2019
Residents of Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are eligible from the age of 18

FIMO Creative Weeks EN

Let your creative juices flow from 28/10 – 06/12/2019 with FIMO leather-effect and take a photo of your creation – there are no boundaries to your creativity.

Post your picture on Instagram and use the two hashtags #CreativeWeeks and #FIMOleathereffect. Make sure your profile is public.

This will give you the chance to win 1 of 30 great FIMO packages worth 100 € each!

Conditions of participation​​​​​​​

What is FIMO leather-effect?

Looks like leather, feels like leather – but it’s actually FIMO leather-effect!

The new oven-hardening modelling clay, which looks and feels like leather, opens up totally new possibilities: Shaping, cutting, bending, sewing or embossing. After hardening, the thinly rolled out plates with a special leather effect are very flexible, allowing a wide range of processing options: Let your imagination run wild!

FIMO leather-effect
FIMO leather-effect – 5 steps to start working with the modelling clay - FIMO BASICS Tutorial
FIMO leather-effect – Cutting, punching, perforating, gluing, plotting the modelling clay
FIMO leather-effect – Sewing the modelling clay - FIMO BASICS Tutorial
FIMO leather-effect – 4 tips for special surface structures - FIMO BASICS Tutorial

You can find more tips and tricks for processing FIMO leather-effect in our

Guides Area

What can I do with it?

Inspirations for your first FIMO leather-effect project

Further Inspirations