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FIMO chunky rings

FIMO chunky rings
45 min Easy

Big, bigger, chunky! Instead of delicate rings with intricate details, fashion insiders are now swearing by big brash designs – known as chunky rings. They might feature a plaited pattern, colour gradients or a rainbow design – the bigger and brighter the better.  
With FIMO leather-effect, you can now make your own chunky rings with a colourful design and great visual effects. 

Step-by-step tutorial

For a marble-effect chunky ring, cut one and a half potions of FIMO leather-effect in the colours lagoon and ivory.

Now roll out each colour into a string 15 cm long.

Twist both strings together until you have a marble effect you are happy with.

Then roll out the string lengthwise (approx. 15-20 cm) using the acrylic roller.

Harden everything in the preheated oven at 130°C/ 265° F top/bottom heat for 30 minutes.

Now draw a strip 1 cm wide on the cooled FIMO sheet with a Lumocolor non-permanent marker and a ruler.

Then cut the strip along the lines with the scissors.

Now adjust the strip to the desired finger. Mark the end of the strip with a line where the strip overlaps. Cut the strip to size.

Punch a hole at both ends using a pair of punch pliers.

Make a small bow from the satin ribbon and thread it through the holes. Tie the ends with a knot. Now your chunky ring is finished.

Of course, you can also try out as many other designs as you like. Find more inspiration for different looks here. 

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® leather-effect 8010 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product Leather-effect lagoon 8010-369 1
FIMO® leather-effect 8010 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product Leather-effect ivory 8010-029 1
FIMO® 8700 05 Acrylic roller - Blistercard containing an Acrylic roller 8700 05 1
FIMO® 8700 04 Blades - Blistercard with mixed blade set, 3 pieces (1 rigid, 1 flexible and 1 serrated blade), 2 rubber grips 8700 04 1
Mars® 563 Aluminium ruler - Single product length 30 cm 563 30 1
Lumocolor® non-permanent pen 316 Non-permanent universal pen F - Single product black 316-9 1
Noris® 965 Hobby scissors - Blistercard containing scissors with 17 cm blade 965 17 NBK 1
FIMO® 8700 22 Oven thermometer - Blistercard containing 1 Oven thermometer 8700 22 1

Additionally required:

Punch pliers, satin ribbon, super glue, baking paper

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