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Fantastic Forests: STAEDTLER makes our Earth’s green lungs the theme of World Kids Colouring Day 2024

Fantastic Forests: STAEDTLER makes our Earth’s green lungs the theme of World Kids Colouring Day 2024

On 6 May, STAEDTLER is calling for kids to colour for a good cause on the occasion of World Kids Colouring Day. The idea is simple, but effective: children draw a picture on a specific theme and send it to STAEDTLER. For every picture submitted, STAEDTLER donates one euro to support a project run by Plan International Germany. In this way, the young artists not only have a chance to express their creativity, but also to make a positive contribution to improving the living conditions of other children. In 2024, the funds raised will go to a project in Laos.

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Factsheet - Fantastic Forests

The forest habitat ensures biodiversity

The forest, in all its diversity, is one of the most fascinating and important natural phenomena on our planet. Whether it’s the impenetrable jungle, the tropical rainforest or dense coniferous forests, forests are the habitat for many living creatures. Every square centimetre of soil, every tree trunk and every stream is home to countless creatures. From the tiny beetle to the nimble fox, from the little monkey to the cuddly koala – the forest offers a habitat for an astonishing range of animals. This diversity is crucial for the balance of ecosystems: a predator keeps its prey population in check, herbivores influence vegetation and insects spread seeds.

The forest is not only a habitat, it also plays a crucial role in regulating the climate on our planet. Through photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen. Thanks to this vital process, forests are often referred to as the “Earth's green lung”, as they help to improve air quality and mitigate the greenhouse effect.

Image rights: STAEDTLER SE

The motto “Fantastic Forests”

"The motto is to motivate children all over the world to paint colourful pictures and at the same time make them aware of the importance of forests. The forest is a unique ecosystem that not only supplies us with fresh air and clean water, but also provides habitat for countless species of animals and plants. The variety of species in the forest is breathtaking and holds countless secrets to discover. "With our new theme 'Fantastic Forests', we hope that we can inspire many children to get involved with the topic," says Britta Ender, Head of Brand and Communications at STAEDTLER.

Drawing competition in Germany

Young artists can participate in the competition from 1 March to 31 May 2024. Whether it’s individual images or group projects such as collages and 3D artworks, there are no limits to creativity. A jury will select the best 80 motifs from all entries in Germany and reward the participating children with selected products from the extensive STAEDTLER range.

Suitable advertising material for retailers

As in previous years, STAEDTLER will also provide some advertising and decoration materials in 2024. This makes World Kids Colouring Day particularly appealing at the point of sale (POS). There is a choice of posters, participation flyers and balloons.

Plan International Germany

The project “Opportunities for the future through sustainable agriculture and climate protection in Laos” of the children's rights organisation Plan International Germany implements important measures for climate and disaster protection as well as age-appropriate nutrition for children. It also contributes to the preservation of the forests. The aim is to tackle the effects of climate change with the help of innovative agriculture, thereby improving people’s living conditions.

Image rights: © Plan International

Through this project, Plan International Germany is helping 16 communities in the remote region of Bokeo to cope with the effects of climate change, adapt their agriculture and secure their livelihoods. Climate change has increased drought periods in Laos. They cause serious agricultural damage, while rice cultivation is also becoming increasingly affected. Nevertheless, rice remains the most important basic food in the region. Innovative and locally adapted strategies in agriculture are aimed at improving not only food security, but also families’ incomes. At the same time, Plan International Germany is contributing to the preservation of forests and the sustainable use of natural resources. In total, 1,150 women, 1,000 men and 600 girls and boys benefit from training, climate change education and improved access to water.

For the seventh year in a row, STAEDTLER is supporting Plan International Germany as part of World Kids Colouring Day. STAEDTLER supported various projects of Plan International Germany with more than 185,000 euros.

"We are delighted that our long-standing and trusting collaboration will continue in 2024," says Petra Berner, Chairwoman of the Board of Plan International Germany. "With a new theme and a new project to benefit from the money, we are once again working together to support the livelihoods, development and rights of children and their families. This gives them the chance to grow up healthy and have a self-determined future."

Social responsibility and promoting creativity

STAEDTLER has been organising World Kids Colouring Day since 2008 and, in this way, encourages children to draw and be helpful to other children at the same time.