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Dive in and be amazed: on World Kids Colouring Day 2023, children discover water as a habitat

Dive in and be amazed: on World Kids Colouring Day 2023, children discover water as a habitat
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On 6 May, World Kids Colouring Day calls on children all over the world to paint a picture for a good cause and send it to STAEDTLER. With this year’s World Kids Colouring Day motto ,“Let's discover nature – in the water”, STAEDTLER draws attention to this vital habitat. Whether in the sea, rivers, lakes or even small ponds – life is bustling everywhere. Water habitats offer an infinite spectrum of biodiversity to discover. For every image submitted to STAEDTLER that addresses this topic, one euro will be given to a Plan International Germany project in Ghana. The ultimate focus is on the secure supply of drinking water and access to sanitation facilities in 20 municipalities. For the POS, STAEDTLER will provide attractive advertising material for retailers during the promotional period.

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The underwater universe

What do the creatures of the deep sea look like and what colours are corals? How many spikes does a starfish have and do seahorses actually have fins? The mystical and sometimes magical world of the oceans has always fascinated people. Researchers are constantly encountering new creatures, whether fish, mammals or plants. However, many things remain hidden from the human eye and the imagination creates its own creatures from the underwater world. But even standing waters such as lakes and ponds are a source of life for numerous animal and plant species. Little tadpoles whizz around and turn into cute frogs. Algae covers the bottom of a pond and even the smallest of puddles can hatch insect larvae.

Now that the children have had time to discover nature on land and in the air the past two years, it is time to explore more watery habitats. The brightly coloured key visual creates a desire for the colourful underwater world of the oceans.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

The motto "Let's discover nature – in the water"

With this year’s motto, we invite children all over the world to explore watery habitats. We look forward to receiving numerous entries and hope to break the participation record in World Kids Colouring Day again next year," says Britta Ender, Head of Brand & Communications at STAEDTLER. This year’s motto follows the previous two, which have dedicated themselves to habitats on land and in the air. In both prior years, more than 30,000 images were submitted to STAEDTLER, thus supporting a nutrition project in Peru.

Painting competition in Germany

A jury selects the best 80 images from all submissions in Germany and rewards the little artists with great products from the extensive STAEDTLER range. Children between the ages of three and twelve can take part with individual pictures or group projects such as collages. Everyone who submits a picture to match the motto during the campaign period from 1 March to 31 May 2023 is considered to have participated in the painting competition. The works of art are sent to STAEDTLER by post or submitted online. The deadline for entries is 31 May 2023.

New promotional materials for retailers

As in previous years, STAEDTLER has put together an extensive dealer package that makes it easy to attractively present World Kids Colouring Day at the point of sale. For example, there are participation folders in DIN A4 format, sample cards filled with Noris colour “Made from Upcycled Wood” coloured pencils, printed balloons and Vario posters. After the promotion period, the large floor display with a turtle can also be used for the BTS business in autumn.

The campaign display communicates the motto “Let's discover nature – in the water”: The large turtle catches the eye, attracting attention. There is plenty of space in the display for various school products for BTS business.

Image rights: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

Dive in, be amazed and draw

Whether in the great oceans, in ponds across the countryside or in the raging rivers coursing deeply through the mountains, life waxes and wanes in every country, climate and water depth. While spawning fish hover calmly in the water and corals gently stretch out their antennae on the reef, a large school of fish fights for food and zigzags in their hunt elsewhere. “Turtles and dolphins in the ocean, goldfish in the garden pond or perhaps even sunken treasures on the seabed – we look forward to the children letting their imagination run free with pen and paper and immersing their thoughts deep into the underwater world,” says Susanne Schmidt-Britting, who heads the World Kids Colouring Day project at STAEDTLER.

The picture shows a child operating a functioning well. The picture comes from a similar project in Ghana. Wells of this type are also planned for the other project regions in Ghana.

Image rights: © Plan International Germany

Plan International Germany

The Clean Water for Ghana project implements important measures to improve drinking water and sanitation. This includes the construction of new wells, the renovation of older ones and the expansion of sanitary facilities. The aim is to promote hygiene and health in schools, as well as an understanding of the interrelationships between health and hygiene in communities. In addition, health clubs will be established, whose task is to carry out clean-up campaigns, awareness campaigns on menstrual hygiene and theatre workshops on the topics of health, water, sanitation and hygiene.

"The poor water supply and sanitation has serious consequences, especially for children, because it encourages the spread of diseases. In addition, children and especially girls spend many hours a day searching for water – time they need for school and learning. Schools themselves also often lack toilets separated by gender. As a result, girls often do not go to school during their periods. Thanks to STAEDTLER’s project and support, they have the opportunity to receive education and a chance to determine their own lives," says Kathrin Hartkopf, Spokesperson for the Management Board of Plan International.

STAEDTLER is supporting the child rights organisation Plan International Germany for the sixth year in a row as part of World Kids Colouring Day. More than 120,000 euros were invested in three different projects of the child rights organisation.

Social responsibility and promoting creativity

STAEDTLER has been organising World Kids Colouring Day since 2008 and, in this way, encourages children to draw and help out at the same time. More information on World Kids Colouring Day and the conditions of participation can be found at:

World Kids Colouring Day

Images can be uploaded to STAEDTLER's website or sent to the following postal address:
Keyword: World Kids Colouring Day 2023
Moosaeckerstraße 3
90427 Nuremberg

The project STAEDTLER is supporting in 2023 focuses on fostering health and hygiene. The picture shows children in a similar project in Ghana, where measures have already been implemented.

Image rights: © Plan International Germany

Factsheet about water as a habitat

The Factsheet can be downloaded here:

Factsheet habitat water

Accompanying press images are available for download here:

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