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Discover the world with Noris junior: STAEDTLER launches new pre-school assortment

Discover the world with Noris junior: STAEDTLER launches new pre-school assortment
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For the start of a colorful life: With the new Noris junior pre-school assortment, STAEDTLER offers small children from the age of two years playful inspirations for discovering their creativity and motor skills. On the occasion of the 120th birthday of the Noris brand, the stationery and creative goods manufacturer developed a new product range that includes age-appropriate pencils and accessories as well as finger paints and modelling dough. A special highlight: From 2021, STAEDTLER for the first time will offer the famous yellow-black striped Noris pencil as a CE compliant Noris junior kids`graphite pencil – made espe-cially for the smallest children's hands. 

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Noris junior: New pre-school assortment

On the occasion of the 120th birthday of the Noris brand, in addition to anniversary products, STAEDTLER will also be presenting a new range of products aimed at children aged two and older. In keeping with the motto "PLAY – EASY – ECO – SAFE“, the specially designed pencils, sharpeners, finger paints and modelling dough meet the special needs of the little ones. "Playing often results in new skills in which children get to know the world and at the same time train coordination and motor skills," explains Britta Olsen, Head of Brand & Communication at STAEDTLER. "We are convinced: If a pencil fits really well in the hand, it enhanc-es motivation right from the first writing and painting attempts." The design of the various products in the Noris junior range can be recognised by a special mascot: A friendly little, bright green frog on each pack-aging shows that it is a STAEDTLER product especially for the youngest ones. The mascot accompanies the children on their creative path and provides useful tips on using the products. The Noris junior brochure as an accompanying POS material for the new assortment provides information on all special features of the products.

The ideal first kids` graphite pencil

Within the Noris product family the yellow-black striped Noris pencil is world famous. STAEDTLER is now launching the iconic pencil as Noris junior, a CE compliant pencil especially suitable for small children over the age of two. Because children don't just make their first writing attempts at school: A 2017 study by Washington University's Reading and Language Lab in St. Louis shows that they see a difference between writing and drawing early on. Even at an astonishingly young age, children understand how writing looks and functions in contrast to images. "The Noris junior pencil gives parents the ideal writing tool for their young children," Britta Olsen emphasizes. "Its hexagonal, chunky format enables a firm grip and therefore also lots of fun with children's first writing and painting experiments. “ It is also equipped with a particularly thick lead in hardness degree 2B, which produces very soft strokes. Noris junior pencil is available loose or on a 100 percent recyclable cardboard folded card. 

"PLAY – EASY – ECO – SAFE" as guide

"The new Noris junior pre-school assortment from STAEDTLER is in keeping with the motto 'PLAY – EASY – ECO – SAFE‘," Britta Olsen explains. "It stands for playful enjoyment, easy use and environmentally friendly and safe products." Noris junior promotes educational experiences while playing in keeping with the motto "PLAY“ in order to support the development of small children and train their motor skills. To ensure that the products can be used "EASY" at a young age, STAEDTLER has also tested them by educators and teachers and allowed their opinions to support the development of the assortment. The compact size of Noris junior pencils makes it easy for toddlers to use. Thanks to the soft stroke, too, they can create colorful works of art effortlessly. And the pre-school assortment makes every-day life for parents even easier, as the pencils with high break resistance need to be sharpened less frequently. If a mishap occurs and it gets on clothing, it washes easily out. 

The Noris junior counter display in a striking pencil design lets the col-ourful sets of the Noris junior 3 in 1 kids colouring pencils stand out.

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With the "ECO" principle, STAEDTLER is assuming its responsibility for the environment: The packaging of the Noris junior assortment consists of cardboard and at least 80 percent recycled material. The Noris junior pencils themselves are manufactured by STAEDTLER exclusively from wood from PEFC-certified and sustainably managed forests. Under the motto “SAFE”, the company attaches great importance in particular to the safety of products for small children: With the exception of the sharpener, which im-presses with a special blade guard, all products in the Noris junior range have been dermathologically tested and are CE compliant.

Versatile products for colourful drawing fun

In the new pre-school assortment, STAEDTLER brings tried-and-tested and new products together. "Wheth-er writing, painting or modelling, the products in the Noris junior range promote individual and creative development right from the start," Britta Olsen explains. And as the children get older, STAEDTLER offers suitable products that are adapted to their new needs. "Our aim is to offer a growing product range that accompanies children on their creative journey through all ages up to adulthood." The new Noris junior pre-school assortment is the first step.

With the Noris junior 3 in 1 kids colouring pencil, young children have been able to achieve a wide variety of painting effects since 2017. The 18 available colours adhere to different materials such as paper, card-board or glass and can be easily wiped off smooth surfaces. Combined with a little water, toddlers can easily mix the colours and discover watercolour effects. The pencils have a particularly soft, luminous stroke and are specially designed for small children's hands thanks to their hexagonal, chunky format and length of 125 millimetres. A variety of colours is available in sets of six, twelve and 18, as well as a class set in a bucket with 36 pencils.

The Noris junior wax crayon is just as versatile in up to 18 lightfast colours, including gold and silver. It is suitable for many techniques and can also be applied in layers on top of each other. Little children can use it to create luminous works of art on dark surfaces. Thanks to the paper sleeve, little hands remain wonderfully clean. The extra-thick hexagonal chunky format makes the pencils particularly suitable for small children. The colorful sets are available with six, twelve or 18 crayons, each including spatula.

For intensivelly used, blunt pencils, STAEDTLER supplies the new, turquoise-sunny yellow Noris junior sharpener in the form of a handy tub sharpener. It is suitable for all extra-thick pencils and crayons and fits comfortably in any hand – large or small. The durable quality blade with blade guard and a flat point angle shape the tip of the pencil to fit perfectly – for a thick and soft colour stroke. With the new large-volume tub sharpener, either the pencil or the sharpener itself can be turned. This makes it suitable for left-handed users as well. The tub sharpener is available in an environmentally friendly, 100 recyclable cardboard packaging of one piece each.

Bright colours are a real eye-catcher for every child. Even the littlest ones playfully foster their creativity and colour recognition with Noris junior finger paints. The six finger paints can be applied with fingers, a sponge, spatula or paint brushes on various materials and impress with their vibrant, lightfast colours. The fast-drying, dermatologically tested colours are offered in a practical new tube in sets of four or six or in a large bottle with an ergonomic hinged mushroom shaped cap for extra high convenience.

To combine colours and shapes and practice the correct dosage of force STAEDTLER offers the dermato-logically tested Noris junior modelling dough. In the four basic colours white, yellow, red and blue as well as in the four special colours orange, pink, purple and green, it invites young children to model creative figures. The soft and easy to mix dough does not stick, making sure that hands stay nice and clean. An-other advantage: It's easy to wash out of clothes. The Noris junior modelling dough is available in reseal-able pots in two sets of four colours each.

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