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buddy - Starry sky hidey hole

buddy - Starry sky hidey hole
60 minEasy

Look, a twinkling starry sky! buddy coloured pencils and a string of LED fairy lights transform a simple cardboard box into a magical children’s hidey hole.
You use buddy coloured pencils to draw planets, shooting stars and space ships onto black sugar paper. And the great thing is that buddy pencils deliver such great coverage that  they really shine out against the dark paper. The decorated sugar paper is stuck on to the sides and the ceiling of the box. Put out the light in the room, switch on the fairy lights – and your home made starry sky will twinkle away, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Step-by-step tutorial

To start, draw the outlines of your designs onto the black sugar paper using buddy coloured pencils. Designs can be sketched in by grown ups for younger children. There are no limits to your imagination in terms of what might be flying around the starry sky: planets, spaceships, UFOs, shooting stars...

Now your young artists can use the buddys to complete the picture and colour it in. Of course, they can also add in designs of their own.

When the first sheet of paper is done, continue with the other three sheets, drawing different pictures and designs as desired. Lots of fun for young and old – grown ups can get creative here as well.

Once all four pieces of sugar paper have been decorated, they are easy to attach to the cardboard box. Simply apply glue to the reverse using the glue stick.

Then stick one piece of paper to the right and left sides, and to the back of the box. Attach the final sheet to the ceiling.

Now pierce holes in the top of the box using a small screwdriver. The number of holes should be the same as the total number of lights in the two LED fairy light strings. Spread the holes all over the box top.

Then push the fairy light bulbs through the holes in the roof. Battery cases can be hidden behind the box.

Finally, place a cuddle blanket and two or three cushions in the box. Now all you have to do is switch on the fairy lights and your hidey hole and magical starry sky are done!

Material overview

You need the following STAEDTLER products:

Noris® buddy 140Noris® buddy 1403in1 kids' colouring pencilCardboard box containing 18 coloured pencils in assorted colours, 1 sharpener and 1 brush

You will also need: 1 large cardboard box or 5 boxes the same size as each other, 4 A2 sheets of black sugar paper, screwdriver, glue stick, 2 strings of LED fairy lights, cuddle lanket, cushions.

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