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Boho Style DIY Pouch

Boho Style DIY Pouch
50 min Medium

Craving sun, the beach and a relaxed lifestyle? Dive into the beautiful world of bohemians with this pretty DIY pouch. Get lost in its geometric patterns and colourful feathers drawn with permanent coloured pencils and created with modelling clay in leather-effect.

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Step-by-step tutorial

Use a smaller and a bigger part of the modelling clay in indigo and form two beads. Roll out the remaining clay in indigo and set half of it aside. Pulling gently on the rollout out clay will strengthen the leather effect.

For a pretty marbled effect roll the remaining clay indigo into a sausage shape. Cut in half the berry clay and also roll it into two sausage shapes. Twist the three sausages tightly together. Roll the twisted sausage into a ball and knead it until you have created a pretty marbled effect. Create some small and big beads and roll out the rest of the clay.

Preheat the oven, place the beads on a bead piercing needle, place everything on baking paper and harden the pieces in the oven for 30 minutes at 130°C / 266 °F (upper and lower heat). Cut out the needed shapes for the tag using the templates.

Download templates

Cut fringes in the lowest piece of the tag before attaching them together with glue.

For your drawing on the pouch, use a pencil for a light pre-sketch of your motif. Then use the permanent coloured pencils to draw over your sketch.

Tip: sharpen the permanent coloured pencils often so you can achieve detailed results.

Use the blue coloured pencil to add shadows into your writing and use the white coloured pencil for soft colour shadings and highlights by going over coloured areas with it again.

Lastly attach the tag and beads to the pouch by using a needle and the rubber band.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

graphite pencil, blade, scissors, needle

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