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At the start of school, stationery and creative goods manufacturer STAEDTLER has a colourful portfolio of high-quality stationery ready – for first graders, but also for children and young people in higher grades. At the forefront: the pencil. STAEDTLER also offers the classic yellow-black striped Noris pencil as a digital stylus for tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

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Worldwide, the pencil is the most important tool when learning to write - whether in Germany, Japan, or South Africa. "Young pupils in particular need the right writing tool during the learning process, “ emphasizes Britta Olsen, Head of Brand and Communications at STAEDTLER. "Ergonomics, hardness and break resistance are also key factors when it comes to early writing attempts and writing success. “

To introduce pupils to the pencil as a useful everyday helper, STAEDTLER is offering children and adolescents the Noris 120 with its distinctive yellow-black stripes. Together with an eraser and sharpener, this all-rounder can be used universally for writing, calculating and drawing. The Noris jumbo 119 learning pencil makes the first writing attempts even easier. Thanks to its ergonomic triangular shape, the Jumbo pencil is particularly suitable for the small hands of very young school children. A further development of the Noris pencil, the new Noris digital jumbo, is a reliable companion for childrens' first steps in writing and drawing on digital devices. The shape of the digital stylus is also geared to the needs of small children's hands and has an integrated soft eraser at the end of the pen. For teenagers and adults, STAEDTLER offers its own variant in classic slim format, the Noris digital classic.

Ergonomic shape and surface to prevent fatigue

In addition to the ergonomic shape, the non-slip and soft surface of the matching Noris colour 187 triangular pencil makes it easier to use. Made from modern WOPEX material, the coloured pencils in 36 different colours ensure relaxing and creative time spent at the drawing board. Thanks to its manufacturing process, Noris color 187 is particularly robust. The pencil's high break-resistance gives even the most energetic small artist the security they need to unleash their creativity. The wood used in the WOPEX production process comes from sustainably managed PEFC-certified German forests. Noris colour even made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2015: At just under 460 metres, STAEDTLER's custom-made product received the title of the world's longest coloured pencil.

Colourful learning

The brighter the notepads, the easier it is to learn. With the triplus color 323 the pencil case contains a sturdy felttip pen with water-based ink. Thanks to the wide range of 48 colours and the line width of approx. 1 mm, markings can be precisely set in the school binder and relationships can therefore be better visualised. The triplus fineliner 334 is ideal for even more precise highlighting. Thanks to its fine, metal-set tip and triangular shaft, the pen sits comfortably in the hand even with longer texts. The fineliners and felt-tip pens in the triplus range even forgive forgetfulness: Thanks to DRY-SAFE technology, these pens do not dry out even if you forget to reapply the cap for a couple of days.

Brilliantly luminous or subtle

With a selection of 36 colours for Noris colour pencils and up to 60 colours in the triplus fineliner 334 series, everyone is bound to find their favourite colour. Fineliners, felt-tip pens, coloured pencils, text markers and other writing materials are available in the new "Pastel Line" from STAEDTLER in delicate trend tones such as light pink, peach, lavender, or mint for everyone who prefers pastel colours.

"STAEDTLER pens are designed to support and facilitate writing even at a young age, “ emphasizes Britta Olsen from STAEDTLER. The ergonomic shape and workmanship do strain the muscles of the fingers and prevent early fatigue. "The right pens are therefore also an important basis for a pleasant writing learning process. They make writing and drawing fun and motivate beginners to continue practicing.“