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Back to School 2021: The STAEDTLER school range - A classic celebrates its birthday

Back to School 2021: The STAEDTLER school range - A classic celebrates its birthday
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With STAEDTLER retailers can really look forward to the 2021 back-to-school season: there's a big birthday coming up in the new year. The "Noris" brand, famous for its school products, will turn 120. The tradition-rich company has come up with a lot of ideas to celebrate. In addition to various birthday surprises, STAEDTLER is focusing on the theme of "nature“ – with the matching back-to-school display and aligned activities for the familiar World Kids Colouring Day.

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Happy Birthday, Noris!

The "Noris" brand will be 120 years old in 2021. Today, one particular product from STAEDTLER's diverse range is world-famous: millions of people around the world write and draw with the yellow-and-black striped pencil known as the Noris. Under the motto "THE ONE Noris – 120 years of creativity“, the tradition-rich company is dedicating a campaign to the brand's birthday with new product sets and POS displays in the now iconic pencil design.
In its birthday year STAEDTLER also surprises with an extension of the Noris product range for the youngest ones – the Noris junior preschool range including the new Noris junior pencil. With this pencil STAEDTLER for the first time is offering a compact, CE comliant pencil that already the littlest ones can grip well in their hands – for their first painting and drawing experiments. STAEDTLER also has an eye on the digital school world. The Noris digital jumbo – a functional stylus in jumbo format – gives young and older pupils a classic, analogue writing and erasing experience on digital devices, as if they were using paper. It comes with an integrated, soft eraser at the end of the stylus.

These analogue and digital enhancements to the Noris pencil brand, which was registered as far back as 1901, underpin STAEDTLER's claim to be a lifelong brand. The range now gives even the littlest ones the perfect tool to get playfully creative and shape their future.

The Noris digital jumbo has an integrated, soft eraser at the end of the stylus. For an analogue writing and eraser experience, just like using paper.

Copyright: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

Back to school: nature in focus for the start of term in 2021

In its birthday year STAEDTLER is paying particular attention to the extensive Noris school range. The classic back-to-school floor display with a new design every year will catch the eye in 2021 thanks to its unusual tree shape. Pencils, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens, erasers and sharpeners that are placed inside will surely attract attention. With numerous shelves and hooks, the display offers plenty of space for standing and hanging STAEDTLER school products, including the bright Noris colour coloured pencils. In keeping with its core competence of wood, STAEDTLER is taking on the topic of "nature“, which is currently very much in the minds of the younger generation. With the tree motif, the back-to-school activities at the POS have been even more closely aligned to World Kids Colouring Day.

In 2021, its motto is "Discover nature", which even the littlest ones are interested in due to climate change and the current discussions in society.


Noris colour: Made in Germany with innovative WOPEX material

With its classic stripe design, adapted to the colour of the coloured pencil, the Noris colour blends in perfectly with the Noris range. The coloured pencil is made of innovative WOPEX material. The use of the wooden composite (mainly wood flour) enables a significantly higher wood utilisation per tree than it is the case with traditional pencils. Another issue is the short, energy-saving transport route for the wood raw material, which comes exclusively from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests - mainly in Germany. Equipped with a soft, non-slip surface and highly break-resistant leads, Noris colour coloured pencils are perfect for the start of school. Their bright colours will ensure children have plenty of fun and be in a good mood when learning. They are available as classic hexagonal coloured pencils or in an ergonomic triangular shape. The latter has a distinctive star shape in the grip zone. The Noris colour is available in pack sizes of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 colours and in different class sets. They can also be effectively positioned in the new back-to-school tree display.

Noris - your reliable companion through school

On 10 September 1901, "Noris" was registered as a word mark by STAEDTLER and since then it has been synonymous with the stationery and creative goods manufacturer's reliable school products. Nowadays, Noris' yellow-black striped pencil is particularly famous. Children all over the world learn to write with it and it is still an indispensable accessory for pencil cases in higher years. Since 1955, it has been characterised by the distinctive yellow and black stripes; the dipped cap at the end of the shaft with its unusual white crown is now used to show the degree of hardness. Five different colours represent five different degrees of hardness – from 2H to 2B. The best known and most popular – especially for learning to write – is the Noris HB pencil with its red cap.