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All together: Variety of colours STAEDTLER Textsurfer classic now all available in one set

All together: Variety of colours STAEDTLER Textsurfer classic now all available in one set
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Whether bright neon colours, delicate pastels, or soft vintage tones – with the Textsurfer classic from STAEDTLER, every text becomes an eye-catcher. The famous highlighters are ideal for marking and colouring. STAEDTLER now presents all 20 available colours in one set in a new transparent case box.
The new Textsurfer classic displays are certain to have all eyes on the them too: the spherical, transparent bubble displays offer plenty of space and, in addition to the neon-coloured classics, highlight the pastel and vintage colours of the new "Colors" series.

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All-in: 20 colours in one set

In recent years, highlighters have also gained in popularity in the creative sector with the colouring trend. They are not only strong when it comes to marking in schools and offices but are also used for large-scale and colour-intensive colouring motifs. The need for colours has therefore also increased. A good occasion to add new colour worlds to the established Textsurfer classic range. In addition to its eight neon "Ink-Jet Safe" Textsurfer classic, that do not smudge either inkjet printouts nor handwritten texts, STAEDTLER offers a new "Colors" series with twelve additional pastel and vintage colours. The range, now available in 20 colours, has been available as a complete set in a new case box since summer 2020. This offers space for all highlighter, sorted in two rows in colour. It can be displayed both hanging and standing. The STAEDTLER shelf ready display has space for five of these case boxes. In addition, all Textsurfer classic colours are also available as individual highlighter and in various set variants.

Filled to the brim – new Textsurfer classic bubble displays

Two new bubble displays are now also available for conspicuous secondary placements of the well-known Textsurfer classic. The spherical eyecatchers skilfully showcase the highlighter at exposed positions at the POS. The displays hold up to 50 pens and are available for both colour worlds – one display each for the different "Ink-Jet Safe" neon colours and one for the pastel and vintage colours of the new "Colors" series.

There is hardly a pencil case without a Textsurfer classic from STAEDTLER. The classic has also a permanent place on the desk at home or in the office. Thanks to its ultra-soft chisel tip for line widths of approx. 1 to 5 mm, it is extremely versatile. Its large ink reservoir also makes it a loyal companion. The Textsurfer classic is robust, easy to open, dries quickly and has a long service life. The "Ink-Jet Safe" Textsurfer classic are even refillable. They provide clean results without smudging, both on printouts and handwritten texts. The colours violet and turquoise show their strengths, especially with copy templates, as the marks stay visible even after copying. The new "Colors" series adds attractive new colours to the Textsurfer classic range – ideal for painting large areas as well. In addition, the series includes a highlighter with black ink, the Textsurfer classic Hidelighter. While texts covered in this way remain legible to the user, they will become unrecognizable after copying.