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STAEDTLER acts both ecologically and efficiently!


STAEDTLER has always taken its motto, “efficient for ecology,” very seriously, and this applies just as much to our products as it does to our production processes. As a long-standing company, the use of innovative technology enables us to continually improve the efficiency of our processes and increase the lifetime of our products. And the result is product longevity, which in turn protects the environment. Something that lasts and lasts doesn’t have to be replaced for a long time – which means we consume fewer raw materials, emit less CO2 and ultimately produce less waste. STAEDTLER systematically ensures that new products take environmental protection into account, and so this principle is built in to numerous innovations such as WOPEX, ABS and DRY SAFE.

Certified, wood-cased STAEDTLER pencils

STAEDTLER sets especially high standards when it comes to the sourcing and processing of wood, which is one of the most important raw materials in the production of wood-cased pencils: That is why STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co.KG is certified in line with the applicable FSCTM and PEFC standards in terms of the production and sale of wood-cased pencils. In this way, STAEDTLER ensures the documentation and improvement of sustainable forestry management in relation to economic, environmental and social standards. All wood-cased STAEDTLER pencils are made using certified wood. STAEDTLER thus underscores its commitment to the environment and its sense of responsibility in respect of wood – an essential raw material.


Healthy growth – working towards our own wood supply with a PLANTATION

Our focus for sustainable development is wood, the renewable raw material that is at the heart of wood-cased pencils and that it is therefore essential for us to protect. Having our own plantation means STAEDTLER can go one step further and take control of the entire production process for the wooden slats needed for pencil manufacture, from the selection of the tree species in line with environmental and economic criteria, to cultivation methods that meet strict ecological standards, to consideration of local flora and fauna, right through to the processing of the wood itself. STAEDTLER found the right conditions for its plantation in Ecuador in South America. Over an area of about 1,800 hectares there, the trees will grow that will become the STAEDTLER pencils of the future.